A long weekend in Toronto for Scott and Davida's wedding

Thursday, September 6, 2012

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You could say 2012 was the year for weddings for the Kaplanis family with both of my cousins Scott and Melanie getting married within the last few months. 

Melanie's wedding festivities (broken up into part one and part two) occurred this past May in Naples, Florida. And this past long holiday weekend the family got together again and headed up to the warm and fuzzy hat of the USA that is Canada - Toronto to be exact - for my cousin Scott's wedding to the beautiful Davida.

CK, my mom and I all drove up to Toronto on Saturday morning and upon our arrival into the city checked into the Park Hyatt in the Yorkville area of Toronto - our home for the next two nights.

There was no time for relaxing though (but time for a glass of bubbles on the rooftop) because we had to get ready for the pre-wedding party at Bymark. Properly prepping the couple the night before they take their vows with shots of ouzo and cigars is totally normal! For the record we only prepped the groom this way, of course.

Aris arranged for a Cuban Cigar maker (legal in Canada!) from Sleuth & Statesman to set up shop at the party and I smoked my first cigar. It was made special for me right before my eyes and was surprisingly delicious, I'm told it was super mild, which I appreciated. See all the tobacco leaves? Pretty cool. So is my Uncle Nick's extra long stogie, ha.

#whatsissywore rockin' a jumpsuit like a champ + the Marinos ladies! my sissy, mom and me + me and my Thea Eros having a REALLY good time + Jason, sissy and CK being all good looking and stuff

It was also my Thea Eros's birthday - surprise, there's a cake! + The groom, Scott, in some sort of inside joke tshirt + Sissy and Melanie getting the ouzo ready, opa! + Jager bombs? Sure, why not.

I'd say we kicked our first night in Toronto off right. Sunday was Scott and Davida's big day so we needed to rest up... not until after brunch at Flo's Diner and shopping in Yorkville with my Mom, CK, Thea Eros and Uncle Nick though. Shopping in Yorkville turned into Gucci buying and cocktail hour(s) at ONE Restaurant, you'll have that.

The evening was better though because once I stepped onto the grounds of the wedding ceremony and reception venue my breathe was taken away. The venue, Graydon Hall Manor, was amazing! So beautiful, so unique, such a great combination of indoor and outdoor space. Plus, the weather was perfection  - Scott and Davida couldn't have asked for a more glorious day. Don't even get me going on the delicious gourmet meals we were served though, or I'll have to write another whole post.

Let's get to the photos, shall we?

The guests getting ready for the Jewish/Greek ceremony to start, which was beyond touching, educational, and heartfelt + Aris and Marcia walking the groom down the aisle + The Aronovitch family walking the bride down the aisle + Melanie holding her side of the Chuppa
Look at that fountain! I told you this venue was beautiful! + Bob, Melanie, sissy and Jason take one of a photo together + Take two, much better
CK, Melanie, me, sissy and Bob during our continued photo shoot, we just couldn't stop snapping.
We Greek danced! We Jewish danced! We traditionally danced! We did it all while laughing and celebrating, it really was the best.
I don't care how blurry these pictures are from my iPhone, I love them. Now, I've seen Hava Naglia with the chairs, which Scott, Davida and the parents did, but THEN they whipped out a giant sheet and started throwing the bride and groom up on that too. It was amazingly hilarious. That top left blur? Scott. Top right blur? Davida. The bottom is Scott oh so "gently" placing Davida on the sheet. Forget Greek dancing I want every wedding to be Jewish now!
Jason, sissy, Scott, Davida, me and CK - cousins! Don't worry, we can snip Jason and CK off if we need to ;) + CK, me, Kathy and Mary talking Ohio City politics like champs
The band the St Royals provided the music for the evening, they were so talented and fun with a great set list - we danced our asses off passed midnight and my feet still hurt - a sign of a good wedding.

Toronto, as always, provided a great weekend away, such a fabulous city. And I'm so happy for Scott and Davida, but 2013 isn't going to be the same without a Kaplanis wedding! Babies next? ha ha ha ha.

Happy Thursday, kids.


  1. Alexa, you look GORG in that black lace dress!!

    1. thanks buddy! it's from H&M last year, nothing special :)

  2. what a beautiful wedding space! you guys are hotties!

  3. Our weekends WERE different! :) We almost stayed at that hotel, actually. How funny would that have been!?

    Wasn't the weather fantastic? Such a beautiful weekend!

  4. Love both your dresses! Way to rock the lace this weekend!

  5. I love your dresses, so pretty!!! what an amazing wedding!! like a fairytale!!

  6. oooh what a fabulous wedding weekend, it looks like so much fun! and love your dress at the wedding, super cute.

  7. LOVE that dress and saw it's from H&M... man I wish it was this season so I could buy it. I found a pretty tan one that's similar from The Limited... I was going to wear it this weekend but it felt kinda bride-like... and not guest-like. Anyways, I love the lace! Glad you had fun!

    1. hopefully they'll knock out a new version of it, i feel like sometimes they do that there. i'll keep an eye out for you!

  8. Oh and I wanted to clarify: I wish I had that color of your lace dress. It was the tan one that seemed like a bride. <3

  9. I cannot imagine any Greek-Jewish wedding being anything less than a blow-out ... and to have Alexis as a guest on top of that? Party of the year! =)

    1. it was SO MUCH FUN!!! i'm ready to convert to Judaism just for the dancing ;)

  10. Hope Scott made Davida sign a prenup because shes the biggest bitch I've ever known. Lots of people that work with her has to put up with her mood swings, and aggressive nature.

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