cleveland browns home opener + ladies who lunch

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I had one of those weekends where it was the perfect combination of fun with friends, amazing weather and relaxation. I'll take another one next week, k?

Thursday night brought date night with CK at Velvet Tango Room (drink the Tango Manhattan, trust me) and Momocho. Friday night brought relaxing at CK's with some Aladdin's takeout.

See? Combination nights of going out vs staying in. I'm bipartisan when it comes to my weekends.

Saturday morning I was up and at it early with my Fitness Edge workout and Fresh Fork Market pick up in Tremont because I had a date with some fabulous ladies for lunch.

Muffin, MOB, Beaver, Steph and I had every intention of dining at Bonbon Pastry & Cafe but too long a wait sent us to Bar Cento. I personally had a great meal, but others, cough, seafood chowder, cough, not so much. The service was also very meh, kinda know it all, kinda not so good with actually being attentive and providing good service as much as he was with explaining the process of this or the process of this. Just give me my damn prosecco, k? 

Me and Muffin + MOB, Beaver and Steph = the beautiful ladies who lunch
Post Bar Cento, KAMM (Kara/Beaver + Alexa/Plum + MOB/Mary + Muffin/Megan), walked across the street to spend some quality time together on Market Garden Brewery's back patio. It was awesome out, great cocktails/service and a group of great friends together toasting everything we could think of. We don't need much.

KAMM hand pile, "Gooooooooooo KAMM!" + Beaver and Muffin + Muffin and MOB
Lunch that turns into day drinking that turns into dinner at the Public House with my besties is a win-win in the plum handbook. Going home to my man at a reasonable hour and not having a hangover for Sunday tailgating is also a win-win.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. 

It's football time in America, people. And with the Cleveland Browns season and home opener happening this past Sunday you know I wasn't going to miss it. The Browns are my team, love or hate um, good or bad, win or lose - they are mine, all mine.

I may not love the Cleveland Browns enough to tattoo this gorgeous piece of art on my back, but we can pretend. Yes, I took this picture this past Sunday on my walk to the stadium - he was very proud of it, naturally.
Colleen invited me to attend the game with her, the above pic is the view from our awesome seats in section 104 + my tailgating supplies: Makers Mark flask, carrots and an apple - my diet doesn't stop with tailgating, ha. + Steph and Lindsay + Muffin, Heather, Beth and Erin + Annie, Cara and Katie
Tailgating fun with Cara, Annie, Katie, Colleen, Courtney, Julie and me. A tailgate that involves sunglasses is the best kind of tailgate, well maybe one that ends with a Browns win is better... photo credit: Mark Bennett, natch.
Post game Colleen, her Dad, Jerry, and another fabulous Colleen and I all headed to XYZ the Tavern for some post game grub and an all and all great conclusion to a fabulous Sunday. 

I may or may not have pleasantly fallen asleep on CK while he watched Sunday night football at home. I may love the Browns but I don't really care about any other NFL team unless they are playing the Browns. You'll have that.

And thus concludes a picture perfect weekend in Cleveland. Let's keep on keepin' on, k?

Happy Tuesday, kids.


  1. love your old school browns shirt. i was just telling my dad i wish we would have saved ours - maybe its time to do some thrifting :)

    1. i found it at a thrift store like eight years ago and i think i've worn it at almost every browns home opener since!

  2. So glad Weeden had a better game this Sunday! Currently a Browns fan by way of Oklahoma State :)


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