Cleveland weekend, plum style

Monday, September 17, 2012

I was a very bad picture taking blogger this weekend, which is very unlike me, so I'm just going to link the crap out of all the fun places I went so you all can do the same on another weekend soon.


- Dinner at the always fabulous Spice Kitchen & Bar in my Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood with CK and my Mom and Jackie up from Canton. 
- When at Spice you can never go wrong with their dinner specials, the grilled strip steak, polenta chick pea fries, and pan seared walleye. To imbibe, all of their signature cocktails are phenomenal, but my favorite is the cherry smash, no vodka, add Maker's Mark, naturally. 
- Post dinner the whole family headed to Mahall's 20 Lanes in Lakewood to meet up with lots of friends celebrating Foxx's 32nd birthday. This place continues to make me happy and I love how the word is getting out around town. Spoiler alert, perhaps #HollaDays will end up here in December....


- Errands, errands, errands, and chores. Target, Fitness Edge and yard work, oh my!
- With the big day for MOB and Pete happening this weekend there's lots of last minute items to cross off the list - like picking up my bridesmaid dress from Something White Bridal Boutique
- I cooked a great dinner for me and CK made with about 90% of the meal's ingredients coming from my Fresh Fork Market haul - tomato sauce made from fresh plum and heirloom tomatoes? Glorious. 


- A lazy Sunday for me, cleaning and boring housework all while watching Goodfellas though, so it made it better. 
- A fancy lunch made by CK and his little one made my afternoon.
- A shopping excursion to Crocker Park with MOB and Muffin for some final wedding preparation touches - it's THE WEEK OF MOB!
- Bubbles and vino to celebrate the shopping with MOB and Muffin at 87 West, because we can.
- Oyster Fest at Stone Mad Pub with CK turned into quality time for us with Seanski, Matt, Aunt Beth and friends at XYZ the Tavern which turned into me falling asleep while CK watches Sunday Night Football. a standard Sunday tradition.

This is yet another weekend, like last weekend, where I felt the perfect combination of fun, relaxing and gettin' shit done were accomplished.

I call that a winning weekend.

I have a feeling this upcoming weekend (MOB + Pete wedding extravaganza) is going to be ALL FUN and no relaxing - and I'm ok with that!

Praying this week goes fast.

Happy Monday, kids.


  1. I still haven't tried Spice - sounds sooo good.

  2. Can't wait to see your recap from MOB's wedding weekend.

    1. dude, i'm probably not going to be able to get it up on the plum till like a week after i'm going to be so tired, ha.

  3. any weekend you can have fun + get shit done, is a winner!!! good for you!!!

    1. thanks! lord knows i'm not going to get anything accomplished this weekend other than marrying off a besties and going to the browns game!

  4. isn't it so weird to not take pictures! i barely took any this weekend and it was baffling, so unlike me!

    also, sounds like a lovely weekend per usual.

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