So Delicious for the Paleo Lifestyle

Friday, September 14, 2012

Let's try to lighten things up from my last post, shall we?

Dessert should do that.

I haven't really formally mentioned it on the plum yet, but for the last 7 weeks or so, I've been following The Paleo Diet which long story short means, no wheat, no dairy - sounds hard, but surprisingly it's been a going extremely well.

On a diet or not on a diet, one thing for me doesn't change, I NEED something sweet post dinner before bed. It used to be any kind of ice cream, or a delicious Skinny Cow something or other but the no dairy aspect of my diet puts a big kibosh on that whole treat line.

You may just be thinking to yourself at this point, "Go Soy!", but on Paleo there's no soy allowed... something about it being a bean - so there goes that.

Enter coconut milk, glorious coconut milk, and the So Delicious Dairy Free lines of "ice cream" treats.

Hello, lover.
Oh, hello to you too, sweetie.

Call these Paleo-ish, fine, all I know is that these So Delicious treats are making my new diet lifestyle a bit easier to adjust to. 

The no sugar added vanilla bar is definitely more diet conscious than the chocolate peanut butter swirl,but I save that one for special cravings, ha.

Whether you're rockin' the Paleo lifestyle or not I highly recommend these tasty and addictive treats - and no I'm not getting paid or compensated with product for writing about this brand, I just really really like um!

Happy Friday, kids.


  1. Do they have artificial sweeteners or Truvia or anything like that in them?

    1. from what i can tell they don't! it's all naturally sweetened and delicious - the no sugar added ones specifically.

  2. Is Almond butter paleo? A friend recommended a few to me and I bought Justin's maple butter and it's flipping amazing on this quick/egg white pancake I make. 1 TBSP = 100 calories but best healthy-fat-sweet-treat I make now.

    1. yes! for some reason you can't have peanuts on paleo (same reasoning for the no soy)so almond butter is my jam. i put it on celery and apples with lunch all the time. i bought some of the justin's hazelnut spread too for a real treat. moderation is key though.

  3. Hi Alexa,

    I came across your blog recently and have really enjoyed reading!

    I also work in marketing, live in Cleveland, and love so many things about living here! Just recently, I started blogging about all of it at

    So Delicious! brand is wonderful, isn't it! If you ever start eating peanut butter again, I’d recommend Peanut Butter Swirl. It’s my favorite :)

    1. hi, alix! thanks for stopping by and i'll be sure to check out your blog. the cleveland blogger community is great here.

      and i'm so not supposed to have peanuts on the paleo, but the chocolate peanut butter swirl is my one peanut cheat - i posted a pic of it! ha.

      good luck with the blog!

    2. Thanks so much!

      And the Peanut Butter Swirl is definitely worth cheating for, once in a while! Enjoy!

  4. the best "ice cream" ive had on my new lifestyle is still arctic freeze, a pint is 150 calories....sure, it isn't the same as ice cream but you can't expect that for the calories!! this also sounds deeeelish so I may have to indulge in it!!

  5. Well you are looking great! I am impressed how well you are sticking to it too! Keep up the good work! XO


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