Accent Cleveland + Jeff Coffin + Clambakin'

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Have you entered my 1,000th post giveaway extravaganza?!? It's $1,250 worth of food, glorious food, from some of the most amazing Cleveland restaurants - there's tons of ways to enter so what are you waiting for? Good luck, kids.

One of Cleveland's newest urban redevelopment projects is the Uptown district, an area filled with newly constructed apartments, restaurants, retail and the newly opened Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).

Trust me when I tell you the entire neighborhood is completely fabulous and an awesome addition to the area. It's funny because I'm so used to my pocket of Cleveland in the near west side that sometimes I feel like I'm in a completely different city by crossing the river. It's a good thing.

Another thing that's good is the new restaurants poppin' up in the Uptown district, specifically Accent, a unique Pan-Asian / Robata grill style cooking. Last Thursday I was invited to a media preview of Accent and it did NOT disappoint. The style of cooking is unlike anything I've ever tried, completely unique to Cleveland and completely delicious. 

Accent's swanky signage and interior, such a rad space + me and CK + Rick and Katrina

LOOK AT THIS FOOD! We were seriously spoiled - beef and onion + red snapper + Sasa fries + the party platter filled with the best salmon sashimi I've ever had + cucumber deliciousness + OMG THE TURKEY WINGS!! (best ever) + Robata grilled meat and veggies + s'mores Accent style

Accent Cleveland is opening to the public on October 29th and my mouth is already drooling thinking about eating those turkey "wings" and chimichurri sauce all over again.

Post Accent preview CK and I headed to Nighttown (our first time visiting) to take in Jeff Coffin & the Mu'tet for some jazz baby, jazz. It was great checking out the show, chatting with Jeff after it and with Jeff (we're on a first name basis, duh) being a member of the Dave Matthews Band I may have fainted a little bit. Meeting Jeff was the first step in my DMB meet and greet in the making, I will meet Dave, I WILL.

Jeff Coffin double sax playing it up + CK and Jeff (first name basis at this point, natch)
Friday night was spent home with CK where I made dinner and he watched the Cardinals while I slept, ha. Saturday was spent making this awesome jalapeno popper dip to take over to Bo and Babs' for their annual clambake fun party in Tremont. I really like my friends, guys. Always a good time.
My favorite kitchen accessory at the O'Neill's, always makes me laugh + Lobsters before + Lobsters after, sorry guys, but you're so delicious! + Bo serving up the goods, I really ate well this past weekend
No that vest isn't made for Steph, it's made for a ONE-YEAR-OLD - and it fits her! hilarious. + these two weeks apart little ones really love each other - kisses!
Sunday there was a Browns win funday with Seanski and Mo in the d-sho and Ohio City with trips to XYZ the Tavern, Market Garden Brewery and Nano Brew - going to bed by 9pm is always a requirement for proper Monday working productivity. Trust.
Seriously, look at Seanski's arms in this picture.... muscles.

 Happy Thursday, kids. Let's do this weekend again sometime soon.


  1. and now i'm hungry, seriously so much yum.

    also belated happy 1,000th! :)

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