Halloween at Harbor Inn + Browns Win + 2013 Ford Escape

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last week brought a sweet treat for me when the fine folks at Ford let me drive around one of their 2013 Ford Escapes for the week. Currently, I drive an '08 Volvo s40 and I'm starting to get the new car itch badly so spending week with a bright and shiny new car definitely peaked my interest.

I had a great time cruisin' around Cleveland in the Escape with the new design and all the fancy SYNC bells and whistles I could get used to this hands-free life. I mean this SUV has a touchscreen, it's like I was in a Jetson mobile, ha. Plus, while a considerably larger car than the one I'm used to driving I didn't feel overwhelmed by the size, it was perfect.

If you're in the market for a new crossover SUV I'd recommend checking out the Ford Escape - here's a great video of it in action, fancy.

I really enjoyed all of the technology in the Ford Escape, touchscreen, SYNC, Sirius Radio, etc.  - good times.

After turning in my Ford Escape for the week on Friday there was much prep to be done as it was time for timmybennett's 12th annual Halloween Party at Harbor Inn. With a pre-party at Seanski and Nugget's with our hosts, CK, Lzone, Suzanne and Kelly we were officially Halloween ready to make our Harbor Inn entrance.

I mean, this is how Lzone prepared for the party... with her best Honey Boo Boo stage performance and costume - SO SPOT ON.

The Harbor Inn Halloween Party is always a good time and the costumes are always stellar - this year did not disappoint. Personally, I'm not a big fan of dressing up but this year I enjoyed channeling my inner blonde fashionista.

And now, the pictures......

From iconic paintings, Hollie Strano, Mary Poppins and Bert and "Party in my pants" I must say that Colleen as #imnotimpressed McKayla was my favorite of the night, she nailed that costume like McKayla almost nails the balance beam, ha.

Wet Bandits! Presents and elves! Cheerleaders! Captain America and a Beer Nerd dancing with Han Solo! Honey Boo Boo in an Instagram! MJ, Jaba the Hutt and Naked Cowboy!

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox! Scooby's Gang! Naked Cowboy! A Ceiling Fan! Me as a blonde!

It's a 50 shades of grey party in my pants! Batman and Punky! Han Solo, still frozen! Honey Boo Boo(s)! A blonde me and Thriller MJ! A present getting it on with a cowboy!

Post party we may or may not have headed to the casino, where I lost $20, ate late night pizza at Rosie & Rocco's and fell outside in the rain cracking my brand new iPhone 5 - waaaaaaaaaah.

Saturday was a max relaxin' day with DVR catching up before heading to Copley for a costumed fall festival party with CK and his little one. Family fun time for all!

Sunday the rain and wind didn't scare me, CK, JoeG and Alana away from the Cleveland Browns game - it may have helped that we have Club Level seats but still we DID brave the seats for a bit. Well I braved them for like 5 minutes and they braved them for like 20... semantics.

There was plenty of Makers Mark, Sawyers Street Frites, warmth and a BROWNS WIN inside, so that's where we stayed. Good times. With Maproom and Bob Golic's before the game and Panini's after the game the victory needed to be celebrated. Go Browns.

CK, me, random wrestling coach photo bomb, Alana and JoeG in the Club at Cleveland Browns Stadium

See, we did make it outside to watch the game, proof + fun during timeouts = awesome Sunday Funday

Now THAT ladies and gentlemen is a great weekend in Cleveland. Let's do it all again sometime soon.

Happy Tuesday, kids.

[Disclosure: I was provided the 2013 Ford Escape at no charge for the week, no additional compensation was given and the opinions, as always, are mine] 


  1. McKayla and frozen Han Solo were amazing costumes. Spot on!

    1. too bad i didn't get a shot of jaba the hutt and han solo together! McKayla literally was my favorite.

  2. Oh my, you are FIERCE as a blonde.

    1. I actually enjoyed that wig, it was fun having long thick blonde hair for a night, but ONLY a night. haha.

  3. I really shouldn't tell you what I'm really thinking after seeing you in a costume!..........

    1. tiajo i really just had a wig on! the rest was my stuff ;)

  4. love all those costumes, so creative and so much fun!


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