This is my life in Cleveland

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The weekend...

Cleveland Browns watching with CK, Jen and Stephen at Lion on Lorain on Thursday.

Dinner with some of my nearest and dearest friends at Black Dog Kitchen & Bar downtown + musical interlude with a street musician/hustler (see video) + Horseshoe Cleveland Casino money losing on Friday.

Bonbon Pastry & Cafe brunching in Ohio City with CK + tea drinking and music shopping at LOOP in Tremont + celebrating my firm, Dix & Eaton, on our 60th anniversary on Saturday.

However you want to spell it out, it was a great weekend in Cleveland surrounded by friends, colleagues and laughs - lots and lots of laughs.

The pictures...

Without planning it, the husband and wife team of Moe and Mark wore similar outfits which naturally caused us to have a mock engagement picture shoot at Black Dog.

Moe and Mark's engagement shots brought my other friend's to strike a pose, ahem, the Jerk and  Driggs + CK and Driggs + CK, street performer dude (see video), the Jerk, Driggs and Mark + the bromance continues + mine and the Jerks payout from the casino - winners!

This video, just typing about it makes me laugh out loud, because it is so random.

I was standing in the alley outside of Black Dog waiting to film the boys walking around the corner for some Reservoir Dogs opening credits type shot when someone approached them and started singing. Thankfully I also started recording.

This is white boy dancing, singing and harmonizing with a street performer/hustler at its finest. Am I right? Or am I right? So ridiculously random.

A view of Ohio City and Key Tower via Bonbon Pastry + LOOP in Tremont and their amazing music selection

Happy 60th Birthday Dix & Eaton! Chaikin Bake style. + The newest and most tenured Dix & Eaton staff members blowing out the candles our birthday cake.

More Chaikin Bake fun with Lzone, Jessica, Ann and Adam + Lrose, Amy and Lzone + Meghan and Kevin  + Shart pinning the tail on the donkey + Lzone and her kaleidoscope boobie prize.  

Good times had by all y'all. Let's do it again this weekend, okay? 

Happy Wednesday, kids.


  1. That harmonizing was awesome. And I especially loved your uncontrollable giggles throughout! =)

  2. I may have watched that video a few times and can't get over how good that guy was!

    Been in the casino twice and didn't play a slot. But I'm pretty sure my cash out would look like the one in the picture!

    1. i saw the same guy walking down euclid while i was running to get lunch on MONDAY. i lost $100 last friday... i think i'm down like $200 overall... i just like to think it's for the kids.

  3. that video was awesome. so entertaining :)

  4. And now I want some cake and take silly engagement photos.

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