Snickers and sobbing because of Sandy

Thursday, November 1, 2012

UPDATE: So last night (Thursday) CK got power back and now that we are finally getting caught up on the news and all the devastation that is happening on Staten Island, in NYC and on the Jersey Shore I will stop whining about the power still being out since Monday night. Things could be much, much, much worse. My thoughts and prayers to everyone suffering, to hose who lost everything, when I just lost the contents of my fridge. Puts things into perspective real quick.  

Guys, I haven't been able to blog this week because of Sandy, that bitch stole my electricity. 

I've been sans power since 8:30pm Monday night.... take note, I'm post this in the 4 o'clock pm hour of Thursday.

It sucks.

About an hour ago the ABC affiliate in Cleveland WEWS posted this letter from CEI First Energy giving estimated times for when electricity can be expected to be returned. Cleveland is Sunday morning.

I lost my shit. I've been kind of weepy all day and this put it over the top.

I walked into Lzone's office, which is next to mine and she handed me a snickers bar. Without thinking I opened it - can we say emotional eating?!?!? 

It did make me feel better....

Me, disheveled from no electricity, breaking my paleo diet and feeling sorry for myself at the thought of no power for almost a solid week. This is 100% the ugliest picture of me I've ever posted on the plum - ha.

The situation is 100% worse because CK, who doesn't even live by me, also doesn't have power - we are a bunch of vagabonds! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

At least all my friends and family are safe, very true, I'm still allowed to be a little crabby. RIGHT?

Anyways, if everyone out there can pray to the electricity gods that I (and everyone else affected) get power back soon that would be GREAT. 


  1. You're definitely entitled to be crabby. Sure, it could be much worse and you know that, but that doesn't mean this doesn't suck too. Hope your power is back on soon!

  2. Now you understand why I will only go camping for 3-4 days at a time. Girls need our creature comforts after a while. =) Glad to hear things are slowly returning to normal. We so quickly forget that damn Sandy hit so much more than just the Jersey shore.

  3. Ugh, I can't believe you guys are still without power. Was there a lot of trees that went down or transformers that blew around you? And yes, yes you're definitely allowed to be crabby. I hope the power comes back SOON!

  4. luckily, i did not lose power! but if i had, i would totally find solace in a snickers too..they satisfy!!

  5. I so felt your pain. I'm never ever going anywhere that doesn't have freely accessible electricity. For real.

  6. last week blew. i don't know how the amish do it.

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