Thanksgiving Weekend 2012 in NEO

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

If you're reading this Tuesday 11/26 head over to my Twitter account and RT your way to this Saturday's Cavs game to help celebrate the (216) turning 216! I'm giving away three pairs of tickets and announcing the winner today at 4pm EST - good luck!

I would like every weekend to be a long holiday weekend. Is that too much to ask? 

I think not.

Wednesday night I headed to my hometown of Canton, Ohio to enjoy a night out on the town with some of my favorite North Canton cronies. First stop was checking out my friends Biscuit and Oakes' new home with a wine tour and our second and final stop was reliving our youth with a performance by New Wave Nation at Sadie Rene's. It was like 2004 North Canton all over again and I loved it.

It's not Christmastime in North Canton without Biscuit's reindeers a humpin' + Biscuit, Birdie and me at Sadie Rene's + Keter-O, Oakes and Gamble + the one and only New Wave Nation who haven't changed in ten years...

Thursday morning my sissy, Jason (sissy's boyfriend) and I had all intents of running the 5K at my old high school, Canton Central Catholic, but we forgot to register, oops.

Instead we headed to Monument Park where I after having only run one single mile in my entire life like 7 years ago tackled a 5K with ZERO TRAINING. I mean, I was slow as hell, completing it in 42 minutes - but with no literally running experience I'll consider it a win for even finishing.

Sissy, me and Jason prepping for our makeshift 5K in my Mom's kitchen - so official.

Did I catch the running bug? Not sure, but it's cool to know that I can complete 3 miles without dying, apparently all my personal training appointments at Fitness Edge Cleveland are starting to pay off.

The run was a great calorie burner to prep for all the calories we were about to intake during Thanksgiving dinner. With stops at my Thea Eros and Uncle Nick's house for appetizers and cocktails plus the full dinner at my cousin Cathi and Greg's I'm pretty positive we ate for about eight hours straight. I'm ok with that.

My Yiayia Lambo with two handsome gentlemen on her arms, CK and Jason of course + my Mom and Sissy with their festive headgear + The Eros partaking in drinking all of the bubbles, so delicious! 

Thanksgiving dinner at Cathi and Greg's is always awesome, especially when an apropos Twinkie turkey place card is involved + food and more food + the family dinner table + the family game table. I love it all.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is movie day for my family and this year we checked out Wreck it Ralph with all the kids and Skyfall 007 fun with all the adults. I love two-a-day movies, especially when they end with Thanksgiving leftovers and Home Alone at Cathi and Greg's.

The Wreck it Ralph crew with "nerd glasses" being made out of their used 3D frames + my Sissy's  Home Alone earrings she rocked all day. She takes Home Alone fandom to a whole new level, ha.

Saturday I headed back up to Cleveland for errands, shopping and celebrating with friends. Muffin and Jesse did get engaged after all!!! We started the night off with a small get together at my townhouse to toast to the holiday season and pre-game for Downtown Cleveland Alliance's Winter Wine and Ale Fest.

With cheese, bubbles and beer in our bellies we cabbed it Downtown to party in the lobby of my office building, 200 Public Square. With all local to Ohio wine and beer and Cleveland area restaurants represented amongst the holiday decorations and lights of Winterfest we felt like we officially kicked off the holiday season right.

Post Winter Wine and Ale Fest the girls headed to Horeseshoe Casino Cleveland to lose money (at least I did) and the boys headed to our new Downtown favorite spot the Ontario Street Cafe to wait for us to lose money and meet them. OSC is a TRUE Cleveland dive bar, the best around in my opinion. I mean, $3.95 long islands with a giant sandwich for $5.75? BOOM, no contest. 

Martha, Steph and Ginenne with a bubbles pre-game + Rossi's squared! + Sissy and her late night pastrami sandwich and long island + Muffin, CK and Jesse (please note Muffin already snuggling with CK with her fiance in the pic, ha) + Muffin STILL snuggling with CK, if she wasn't a best friend I'd slap a ho ;) - but what can I say, my man is HOT in orange pants!

So, like I said in the beginning, I'd like every weekend to be a long holiday weekend! 

Happy Tuesday, kids.


  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - always packed with so much great food and fun! Sorry we missed each other at the Wine and Ale/Winter Fests.

    1. i know! i didn't even realize you were there - it was an interesting set up in that you could easily be tucked away in a corner because everything was so spread out. it was fun though!

  2. I'm with Crystal - Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday meal ever. Your table looked a lot like mine did with overflowing mashed potatoes. (I'm a stuffing person all the way!)

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