Hair dye mortify

Thursday, December 13, 2012

As I'm about to head to CK's hometown of St. Louis next week to celebrate the holiday season I'm reminded of the first time I headed there to meet CK's family and the story I purposely omitted from the blog recap.

I didn't write about it because I was flat out mortified, MORTIFIED, but as time passed I'm finding the humor in it all and can finally share it with you guys - so here goes.

I was nervous meeting CK's family, I wanted to make sure I presented myself well, followed through with all the manners my mother taught me and overall make a good impression. Pretty standard stuff for anyone meeting a significant others family.

Things were going well, because his family is awesome, but when it became time to get ready for a nice dinner out I did something I didn't have time to get to prior to my departure from Cleveland - dye my hair.

Now let me explain myself here, I get my hair professionally colored, highlighted and cut every 6 weeks like clockwork. I use the term "highlight" loosely though because it's really more of a low-light to keep up with the look of my dark brown hair.

Sometimes my low-lights became too light and get "stripey" (this was when I was with my old hairdresser, fyi, not my awesome Mindy who introduced me to Tressa Watercolor Color Maintenance Shampoo), so I would get Clariol Nice 'n Easy Root Touch-up Kit at the drugstore for in between color processes. Only for the highlights on the top of my head.

Wanting to again put on a good appearance for CK's family, when I noticed the "stripey" look right before heading to STL I picked up the 10 minute process hair color and decided to touch up when I got there. I've done it 100 times before, I even brought a plastic bag to wrap up the remnants all safe like in the trash when I was finished.

If only it was that easy.

Once the 10 minute process was over I bent over the tub to turn on the shower not realizing that when I bent down, the top of my head, with all the black colored hair dye,had essentially made a long blob shaped stripe down the side of the crisp white linen shower curtain. 

Permanent black colored hair dye. 

All over my boyfriend's parents crisp WHITE cloth shower curtain. 

First impression.

Because I couldn't scream the F word at the top of my lungs I started to cry, then started to laugh.

Only me.

Once I finished getting ready I headed straight to CK's stepmom, brought her to the scene of the crime, apologized profusely and pretty much wanted to crawl into a dark hole.


She must have thought I was bat shit crazy. It serves me right.

When I got back to Cleveland I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase and send them a replacement shower curtain - still mortified.

You guys, I was so embarrassed by the whole thing I didn't mention it to anyone, not even my best friends who I over-share everything with. It wasn't until this past summer after much more quality time with CK's family that his stepmom Florence told me that the whole thing actually endeared me to her, and thinking it was hilarious, told all of her friends.

Awesome. At least we both can laugh about it now over a year later - phew.

So can anyone top this? Have you done something this mortifying in front of your significant others family in the beginning of a relationship?

Please share so I don't feel like such a schmuck.

Happy Thursday, kids.


  1. Niiiiice. Well, at least that meeting will always stand out in their minds

  2. hahahaha this is awesome! dean and i both do a good job of embarrassing ourselves in front of...everyone.

  3. Yeah, I'll add "dye your hair" to my list of things not to do at someone's house. at least you didn't overflow the toilet....

    1. um, i think the toilet would mortify me more! haha.

    2. I overflowed the SINGLE toilet in the office at one of my former job locations. Mort-i-fying. I had to work with these people for another year (who bought me a plunger for Christmas... no joke!).

  4. When I was briefly engaged in college, I went with my fiancee to his parents' ultra-posh cabin in Lake Tahoe for the holidays. They are high-end antique brokers and the entire place is filled with priceless treasures.

    Sure enough, I got sick once there and a) threw up on an heirloom rug in the spare bedroom, b) sat my cup of tea on the antique end table without a coaster which caused the finish to discolor and c) broke the glass panel on an old door when I shut it too hard.

    Shower curtain? Bah.

  5. So, Matthew's dad is a librarian and all-around quiet guy (also an awesome guy, but for purposes of this story, remember quiet and librarian). When I was moving out of my condo and into Matthew's house, his dad and some friends came to help load boxes.

    On my way down the stairs for the 700th time that day, I was carrying a very heavy box of books and literally swore on every step. And, like, strung-together, half-made-up, very vulgar swearing. As I reached the last step, I saw Matthew's dad standing there. I didn't know what to do, so I just handed him the box, hung my head, and went back upstairs.

    It ended up being fine and his dad and I get along really well, but I was horrified at the time. Sounds like CK comes from good people and they find you as wonderful as he does. But it makes for a good story, once you can tell it :-)

  6. I cringed on your behalf as I read this. That's pretty hilarious! And yes, mortifying at the same time. I don't have any good stories about myself. Although, I do remember visiting a boyfriend's family (also in StL - what gives!) and his step-father telling me a story about how he found a used condom in my ex's bathroom when he was in high school. Totally inappropriate and I'm quite sure my then boyfriend was absolutely mortified that his step-dad was over-sharing himself!

  7. You are hilarious. I picture lots of hand gesturing with this line - WHO DYES THEIR HAIR AT SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE?!?!?

  8. That is the best. I would have put my face in a towel and screamed. Good for you for laughing about it. And that was nice to replace the shower curtain, fortunately you got to send it to them and not deliver it :) I haven't had something like this happen before but will definitely keep you posted if it does :)

  9. I have an awesome story that involves me, a girdle, and Sawyer's basement in high school. That's about as much as I can mention on the interwebs.

  10. What a fantastic story. And I can't think of a better place for this to happen. Love those Kramers! Sorry we will miss you guys!

    1. i'm SUPER bummed we won't get to see you guys when we are in town, it's been way too long, lady!

  11. Oooh Alexa, what were you thinking....Ha!? I am glad you did get them a replacement! You did share it with some point but I had forgotten. XO

  12. I've never had that happen, but I have had plenty of home haircolor horror stories. I've been fire engine red, brassy blonde, some funky shade of lavender, gray, and even a combo of the last two. Each and every time I say I will never color my hair again, but...

  13. Nice. You totally win this one. :)

  14. Sounds like something I would have done! It doesn't involve parents, but does involve complete strangers - might make you feel a bit better:

    Shortly after Sweet Moses opened Eric and I became regular patrons, living just down the street. One night I was wearing a great skirt I had just purchased from Dredgers Union (R.I.P.) and was feeling pretty sassy, camping it up. The line was long and I went to the bathroom while we waited. When I came back, I proceeded my ridiculous charade of workin' it to the hubs who was just laughing when the woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder -

    "I would feel really bad if I didn't tell you this - your skirt is completely tucked into your underwear."

    At least I was wearing underwear, right?

  15. Just when I thought I wasn't going to LOL today...thank you for the awesomely funny share! : ) (and PS, you've got me beat)

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