Hello December, nice to see you.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Congratulations to @CLE_Eileen for winning four tickets to see Wednesday's Cavs game and enjoy all of the KeyBank Leg Lamp Night fun and surprises. Also, if you haven't entered KeyBank's A Christmas Story House Night Out make sure you check it out ASAP.


This blog post isn't going to do describing my weekend any justice. I failed at picture taking, but I didn't fail at having fun.

Thursday night the weekend started off right with an impromptu dinner and drinks night out with CK at Clifton Martini & Wine Bar. I'm embarrassed to say that I've never been to this well spoken of neighborhood spot and after such a good experience I can promise you we'll be back. We had an amazing dinner of lamb for me and chicken ravioli for CK plus lots of malbec, bubbles, manhattans and martinis. Yeah, it may or may not have been a little rough at work Friday morning...

Friday, thanks to all the fun we had Thursday night, was extremely low key. Like, I fell asleep at 9:30 pm low key - you'll have that.

Saturday on the other hand brought beautiful weather in Cleveland. CK and I had breakfast at home then errands on the eastside like shopping at ETON Chagrin Boulevard picking up my Bluemercury haul and having a boozy late lunch at Paladar Latin Kitchen.

Saturday night brought a stop for me and CK at Bar Louie in the Warehouse District where we had excellent service and funny patron people watching before we headed across the street to Blue Point Grille to meet up with Muffin, Melinda and Beaver for cocktails. CK really was a good sport hanging out with all the ladies by the time we headed to Tremont he was glad to head to a house party for some testosterone. 

The girls final stop for the evening was at one of Tremont's newest restaurants Press Wine Bar located in the old Lago location across from Lolita. We ordered a couple bottles of Malbec and a cheese board but looking at the menu I can't wait to head back for a proper dinner.

Muffin, Beaver and Melinda at Blue Point + cheers at Press Wine Bar + our cheese board, yummy.

As I'm typing this Sunday night a lamb roast is in the oven and Sunday dinner for CK and I is about to begin.

Life is good.

Hope you had a nice weekend too, kids. Happy Monday.


  1. For a minute there, I thought the week was almost over. You're usually so good at blogging about your weekends mid-to-late week. Now, I realize you're doing it on time and I actually have a full week ahead. Thanks a lot, Alexa. =D

    1. hahahaha! you're so right, a Monday recap is WAY early for me. sorry, buddy, it's only Monday.

  2. so if i ever come to the cleve, i'm heading over to your place for dinner. just an fyi.

  3. Clifton Wine Bar is one of my favorite spots...glad you enjoyed it, too! And I need to check out Press. It's getting so much good buzz already!

  4. this post makes me feel like a total loser. I left the house this weekend to go grocery shopping.

    man, I gotta get a life!

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