Who knew a winter weekend in January could be so much fun...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First off, thanks for all the feedback on my lob or not to lob post - I think I'm going to do it, guys! And if I like it I may even post pics, if I hate it though you won't see a picture of me posted on here for two to three months.... ha.

Secondly, it's really flippin' cold out.

Finally, I had a great weekend with my awesome friends. Dining out all over Cleveland, dancing and spinning my butt off and laughing at all the hilariousness that is my group of friends.

Friday night I dined in Ohio City, at Flying Fig, with Lzone and Michelle as a pre-game to Allison's 30th birthday festivities. Our meal at Flying Fig was amazing, one of the best entrees I've had in ages (I had the duck) and while I'm always quick to recommend Flying Fig I need to make a point to head there more often - excellent, excellent food and great to catch up with Michelle.

After dinner we headed to Speakeasy to dance the night away for Allison's big birthday. And when I say dance the night away I'm not exaggerating - the DJ was awesomely on point and I barely left the dance floor all night. I finally had to say uncle once my feet started to tingle from my too high heels - shoulda worn flats.

Me, fishface, Seanski and Nugget + BFF's Erin and the birthday girl + Seanski and Allison + Mrs. Peltz dancing the night away + THE CAKE THAT GOT STOLEN! Yes, someone walked out with this whole cake once Speakeasy was open to the public - horrible and hilarious all at once.

Saturday I had a nice day of my first Psycle spin class (it was awesome), grocery shopping and dinner with my besties at Light Bistro in Ohio City. Poo Poo was in town from Chicago which is always a treat, love that girl, and my other dinner companions, MOB, Muffin and Beaver (KAMM).

Muffin and me + MOB, poo poo and Beaver at Light Bistro

Sunday the Saturday night dinner gang minus poo poo sub Ginenne brunched at my neighborhood favorite Latitude 41n before heading to the Boutique Bridal Bazaar at 78th Street Studios. The BBB was a great event, and I'd be lying if I wasn't secretly taking mental notes even if I'm not engaged. I'm a girl, I can't help it.

Post bridal show I met Alana and friends at XYZ the Tavern prior to picking up CK from the airport and heading home to enjoy the brisket I made Sunday morning that 8 hours later was slow cooker perfection. A Sweet Moses sundae may or may not have also been in the cards... a sundae on a Sunday is always a good decision in my book.

Happy Tuesday, kids.


  1. I love how you say it's flippin cold out and then proceed to wear short sleeves to the dance club. What is wrong with you??? hahaha.

  2. Thanks for giving me an excuse to eat ice cream on Sundays. Now I just need one for every other day of the week!

  3. i'm glad i'm not the only one who eats ice cream in the winter!

    1. i eat some sort of cold treat almost everyday. #fatty

  4. Great seeing you at the BBB! I still have that pic of your bumper sticker :)When you ARE engaged, I have all kinds of info for you. <3

    And I seriously cannot even believe that someone stole the cake!!! Too crazy!

  5. I received confirmation that the cake was NOT in fact stolen, but rather taken away (probably because we would have had a cake fight) and the staff enjoyed it instead. The whole-walking-out-with-the-cake was a MUCH better story.

  6. P.S. My mom is going to be soooo excited she is pictured on your blog.

  7. That weekend looks like an absolute blast. So many delicious/fun things crammed in!! There's pretty much nothing better than a whole lot of good food when it's this cold outside :)

  8. sounds like a fabulous weekend, love it. & i still can't get over that the cake was stolen, so crazy.

  9. dancing in heels is a recipe for a few days of painful walking!!! looks like a blast though!

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