Jump Back Ball, Birthdays and Sunday Supper

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This past weekend was filled with celebrating AJP's 30th birthday, PlayhouseSquare's Jump Back Ball, wedding discussions (or lack there of) with my Mom and an impromptu Oscars watch party with MOB, Muffin, Jesse and CK.

In other words, it was awesome.

CK and I are still in the newly engaged mode of seeing our friends for the first time and celebrating by drinking champagne and gazing at my ring a lot. Well maybe I'm just the one gazing at my ring a lot.

We're also drinking some "Ice"....

Thanks to LZone for deciding to "ice" CK and I as celebration for the new "ice" on my hand at her #JBB22 pre-party. For the record, I did NOT drink the whole thing, ha.

Friends at Jump Back Ball 2013!

I was REALLY bad with taking photos at Jump Back Ball this year - I was just having too much fun. That being said, the PlayhouseSquare staff and volunteers, as always, put on an amazing event. Let the countdown to next year begin!

Friday night party for AJP's 30th birthday at Map Room - naturally there were cats involved.

Sunday brought brunch at home with the family, then cooking of my officially now famous lasagne bolognese with spinach (make it, you won't regret it) and Oscars watching with friends was the perfect weekend capper - even if I fell asleep before the show was over.

Good weekend, good times.

Happy Tuesday, kids.

Bagel Bites > Pizza Sliders

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know need to post more about my NOLA/engagement trip of awesomeness but I can't ignore marketing.

Pizza Hut recently announced their new "pizza sliders" and have been advertising them all over my television the last few days...

Pizza Hut's "sliders"

I think we can all agree that they are not your traditional slider style sandwich of today but instead mini-pizzas. Which is fine I suppose, I understand marketing gimmicks and the need to drive sales - it's actually probably working.

But that's not the point of this post.

I can't help but think of my childhood favorite Bagel Bites every time I see the "pizza sliders" adverting.

mmmmmmm, Bagel Bites

Are "pizza sliders" just even smaller Bagel Bites? Probably.

I wish I was eating Bagel Bites and their little squares of cheese right now - so glorious.

I'm pretty positive Pizza Hut has marketing gimmick-ed me right into having a combination of "pizza sliders" and Bagel Bites as my main course for Oscars Sunday indulging. 

Don't worry, I'll probs post a photo of sliders to bites actual size ratio.

Sorry, not sorry.

Happy Thursday, kids!

I'm getting married!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First off, congrats to Mike T for winning the Duet Membership to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because #LOVEROCKS - Mike, email me and we'll get everything set up for you!

Now, for some big news. 

If you're connected to me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you may have already seen this but....


My best friend, love of my life, person who makes me the happiest I've ever been and takes such good care of me, CK, asked me to marry him!!!

I'm over the moon.

Moments after CK proposed on Valentine's Day in New Orleans - I'm on a boat! Doesn't it look almost fake?

I'm not the type of gal to post a picture of the ring (although I'll text it to anyone who asks, ha), and I'm not going to go too deep into the proposal because that's really between me and CK but I will tell you this: it was more thoughtful than I ever could have expected.

There was my favorite bottle of bubbles (thanks sissy!), a gondola (thanks Roberto!), the most picture perfect setting (NOMA and City Park), the kindest words anyone has ever spoken to me (thanks CK!), lots of happy tears and even a photographer to capture it all (thanks Louis!) - it was amazing.

I may or may not have screamed "Holy Shit!" approximately 101 times while floating down the river - sorry kids playing in the park, I was excited!

It may have taken 29 years (when we started dating) and kissing a lot of frogs to find my future husband but I found him and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him (and his little one).

But don't even talk to me about wedding planning, I'm not ready, and city hall is sounding great right about now - but we'll see - for now I'm just going to enjoy this special time with my fiance. 

Happy Tuesday, kids!

On five years

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

#LOVEROCKS at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum! Be sure to check out all the great promotions they are running through 2/7 and enter to win a Duet Museum Membership by commenting on this post.

My blog celebrated its fifth birthday this past New Year's Day. Which got me to think, when was the last time you did anything for over five years?

If you're reading this you've probably been living for over five years. Perhaps you've been married for over five years, have been a parent for over five years or have been at your current job for over five years.

I personally haven't done many things for longer than five years except for writing this blog, Cleveland's a Plum.

I have many friendships that have lasted over five years, but never a boyfriend for over five years. I have great work experience, but even my last agency position stopped just short of five years.

Long story short, for the last five plus years I have been committed to this blog.

In sickness and in health, good times and bad.

In annoyance of content creation and the ever appeal of "free" stuff.

I put quotations around the word "free" because nothing is ever truly free. Yes, perhaps I've had some perks from the plum, but I've also spent hours upon hours of my free time writing blog posts - you'd think they'd be better, huh?

I'd probably have a cleaner house if I didn't have a blog, I'd probably be more in shape if I didn't have a blog, I'd probably not have my eye always irritated from starring at a computer screen for 75% of my day.

But I'd also not have the network of support from fellow bloggers near and far, nor the gratification of looking through and reflecting on what's essentially my online diary. Want to know what I was doing in December of 2009? Check out the sidebar, it's all there is scary detail - 1,032 posts to be exact.

I've changed so much in the last five years, but so has this blog with me, and I'm proud of sticking with it.

Ever evolving. No regrets.

Happy Wednesday, kids.

#LOVEROCKS at the Rock Hall + Duet Membership Giveaway

Monday, February 11, 2013


Quite literally so when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is involved. 

This year, the Rock Hall is celebrating Valentine's Day by spreading the love for five days that are filled with special events and promotions

Visit the museum February 13 through 17 and you can:
- February 14 at 1pm head to the museum for a curator-guided Love Notes Gallery Talk of the museum items that tell a story of love
- After touring the museum head to the Hard Rock Cafe: Cleveland with your admission wristband and receive a 15% discount

Still shopping for your special someone? Through Valentine's Day you can also get free shipping on purchases over $35 at RockHallStore.com by using promo code "VALENTINE13" at checkout. 

But wait, there's more!

The Rock Hall has continued their generosity by spreading the love to one lucky Cleveland's a Plum reader with a complimentary Duet Membership to the museum.

The Duet membership includes:
- Unlimited free admission for one year for you and a guest each visit
- Members-only t-shirt, decal and membership card
- Invitations to members-only events, exhibit previews and email updates
- 10% discount on museum store and online purchases
- One parking voucher
- Member's Express Entry

This membership definitely rocks, I have one myself, so trust me when I say you'll want to win this prize.

There are multiple ways to enter:
1. Leave a comment on this post telling me why you think #LOVEROCKS
2. Tweet the following about the contest: " #LOVEROCKS and I want to win a Duet Membership to the @Rock_Hall from @clevelandsaplum http://bit.ly/11CCwEF " - you can tweet this daily for extra entries leaving an additional comment telling me you did so
3. Share a link to this contest on your Facebook page ( http://bit.ly/11CCwEF ) leaving an additional comment telling me you did so
4. Subscribe to my Facebook page, leaving a comment telling me you did so. If we are already friends on Facebook just leave an additional comment telling me we are :)

You have until Sunday, February 17 at 11:59pm to enter and I'll announce the winner early next week.

Good luck to all who enter.

Now get out there and have an awesome day you crazy kids!

Fitness Edge Cleveland Open House

Thursday, February 7, 2013

For the last year or so I've woken up three times a week before work to drive to Lakewood for a 6:30am personal training appointment at Fitness Edge Cleveland.

I bitch, I moan, I say I can't do another burpee, I'm late and I whine - all to my patient trainer.

I also sometimes kick ass, am surprised by how much weight I'm lifting, have dropped some pounds and am proud of myself for rolling out of bed and making it to the gym - all thanks to my supportive trainer.

Long story short it's not always pretty, but I do it, I'm making an effort, I'm seeing results and it's all thanks to the guys at Fitness Edge. 

Personal training, group fitness, bootcamp (indoor and outdoor), Zumba, yoga and kickboxing - they have it all. If you're looking to make a commitment to fitness or get your body back I couldn't recommend Fitness Edge Cleveland more - plus, your first class is always free!

Want to learn more?

Come to the Fitness Edge Open House!

When: Wednesday, February 27 from 6 to 9pm

Where: Fitness Edge Group Fitness Studio - 15641 Madison Ave, Lakewood

What:  Whether you’re a new, old or current client come check out our new group fitness studio, participate in complimentary mini-classes, chair massages, healthy snacks and get to know the trainers and more TBD

How: It's FREE to attend, simply fill out the RSVP form today

The best part: Everyone who submits an RSVP and attends the open house will be entered to win one of two 6 month unlimited group fitness memberships - awesome prize alert.

While this is definitely one of those "I'm not only the Hair Club President, but I'm also a client moments," I can't help but want to promote a company that has helped me so much.

And hello, you could win a serious group fitness membership by attending - win/win.

So I hope you see you on 2/27, RSVP here, and if you have any questions let me know or call Steve at 216-678-9291.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Happy Thursday, kids.

MIX at CMA + Luxe + Cleveland winter fun

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy February!

Is it still snowing?

Hold on, let me look out the window.

Yup, still going strong!

Weirdly, it hasn't been bothering me much this year. Perhaps because we had barely any snow last winter? Who knows, all I know is that I didn't leave my house for over 24 hours this weekend due to the snow and watching movies with mulled wine, a fire, a hearty dinner and my love CK - I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Saturday the snowy day of spinning, grocery shopping and home chilling with my beau was made possible because of the party time fun we had Friday night - staying in was a good option.

Friday me, CK and lots of friends attended MIX at CMA, the first Friday monthly happy hour that is a must attend. This month's theme was Interface with a focus on Gallery One the coolest interactive art gallery in the U.S. - touchscreens, games, and iPad app equals fun for all ages - don't miss it.

MIX Interface means live video game playing of Pong on the atrium wall above my good friend DJ Reena Samaan and high tops for boys (Nugget) and girls (Allison)

Sarabot, Shibani, Allison, Seanski and Nugget being awesome in front of Gallery One + Allison, me and Shibani smiling pretty. Also, as a follow-up from the "lob" discussion, here's a photo of me with 3.5 inches off my hair - next cut I think I can go even shorter for a more proper lob, but it's a start!

After MIX a group of us headed to Luxe Kitchen & Lounge to try out their new menu and boy were we happy with it. Frites, scallops, cheese and honey, short ribs and more - DELICIOUS. Seriously, Luxe is one of my favorite restaurants in Cleveland, never disappoints and with it being oh so conveniently located to my house I really can't go wrong.

Super Bowl Sunday CK and I headed to Blind Pig to meet up with Muffin, Jesse and company for the annual Rise Above It fundraiser. A good time was had by all for a great cause and I even won some door prizes, I never win anything! 

Muffin and I ran across the street to Bob Golic's for the halftime show and we got SWAG pink sunglasses just for showing up - we also got tshirts... I came home with FOUR tshirts Sunday night.

Good times.

This winter continues to surprise me with fun, snow and all. Here's to hoping it continues. Happy Tuesday, kids.