Jump Back Ball, Birthdays and Sunday Supper

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This past weekend was filled with celebrating AJP's 30th birthday, PlayhouseSquare's Jump Back Ball, wedding discussions (or lack there of) with my Mom and an impromptu Oscars watch party with MOB, Muffin, Jesse and CK.

In other words, it was awesome.

CK and I are still in the newly engaged mode of seeing our friends for the first time and celebrating by drinking champagne and gazing at my ring a lot. Well maybe I'm just the one gazing at my ring a lot.

We're also drinking some "Ice"....

Thanks to LZone for deciding to "ice" CK and I as celebration for the new "ice" on my hand at her #JBB22 pre-party. For the record, I did NOT drink the whole thing, ha.

Friends at Jump Back Ball 2013!

I was REALLY bad with taking photos at Jump Back Ball this year - I was just having too much fun. That being said, the PlayhouseSquare staff and volunteers, as always, put on an amazing event. Let the countdown to next year begin!

Friday night party for AJP's 30th birthday at Map Room - naturally there were cats involved.

Sunday brought brunch at home with the family, then cooking of my officially now famous lasagne bolognese with spinach (make it, you won't regret it) and Oscars watching with friends was the perfect weekend capper - even if I fell asleep before the show was over.

Good weekend, good times.

Happy Tuesday, kids.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I completely forgot about "icing" until I just read your post.

    It's a good sign that you don't have a lot of pictures, strong indication of much fun being had!!

  2. Great seeing you at JBB! And your ring is definitely worth gazing at!

  3. I won't ever forget the story one of Sweets' friends told me after we got engaged. She said when she got engaged, she stared at her ring so much that she almost drove off the road (and then illustrated by pretending to hold a steering wheel, staring intently at her ring finger and turning the wheel). Any time I hear about a new engagement, I always think of this story and giggle ... cuz, you know I looked at my ring long and hard far too much when I got engaged, too!!! Keep on celebrating - it's such a worthy occasion!

  4. what an awesome birthday banner. I think I need to have one of those for my next birthday bash. Cat ladies should be celebrated in the biggest way! And keep lookin at that ring! I would do the same thing!

  5. such a fabulous fancy and totally classy weekend. also, the icing is awesome. hurray for your new ice! :)

  6. I told Chad yesterday that next year we MUST go to JBB. I saw everyone tweet & instagram pictures and it instantly made me want to be there.

  7. What a fun time for you guys :). I love the pic of you being iced with everyone in fancy clothes. haha - Classy stuff :).