MIX at CMA + Luxe + Cleveland winter fun

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy February!

Is it still snowing?

Hold on, let me look out the window.

Yup, still going strong!

Weirdly, it hasn't been bothering me much this year. Perhaps because we had barely any snow last winter? Who knows, all I know is that I didn't leave my house for over 24 hours this weekend due to the snow and watching movies with mulled wine, a fire, a hearty dinner and my love CK - I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Saturday the snowy day of spinning, grocery shopping and home chilling with my beau was made possible because of the party time fun we had Friday night - staying in was a good option.

Friday me, CK and lots of friends attended MIX at CMA, the first Friday monthly happy hour that is a must attend. This month's theme was Interface with a focus on Gallery One the coolest interactive art gallery in the U.S. - touchscreens, games, and iPad app equals fun for all ages - don't miss it.

MIX Interface means live video game playing of Pong on the atrium wall above my good friend DJ Reena Samaan and high tops for boys (Nugget) and girls (Allison)

Sarabot, Shibani, Allison, Seanski and Nugget being awesome in front of Gallery One + Allison, me and Shibani smiling pretty. Also, as a follow-up from the "lob" discussion, here's a photo of me with 3.5 inches off my hair - next cut I think I can go even shorter for a more proper lob, but it's a start!

After MIX a group of us headed to Luxe Kitchen & Lounge to try out their new menu and boy were we happy with it. Frites, scallops, cheese and honey, short ribs and more - DELICIOUS. Seriously, Luxe is one of my favorite restaurants in Cleveland, never disappoints and with it being oh so conveniently located to my house I really can't go wrong.

Super Bowl Sunday CK and I headed to Blind Pig to meet up with Muffin, Jesse and company for the annual Rise Above It fundraiser. A good time was had by all for a great cause and I even won some door prizes, I never win anything! 

Muffin and I ran across the street to Bob Golic's for the halftime show and we got SWAG pink sunglasses just for showing up - we also got tshirts... I came home with FOUR tshirts Sunday night.

Good times.

This winter continues to surprise me with fun, snow and all. Here's to hoping it continues. Happy Tuesday, kids.


  1. The hair looks great! With big changes, I think it's best to ease into them. This is a great lob start!

  2. The one thing I like about snow is using it as an excuse to stay home and snuggle with my fiance and my pup. I am loving the hair! Good idea taking it step by step.

    1. that's EXACTLY what I did Saturday night - too much snow, sorry, can't leave the house, ha.

  3. I think the lob looks great and you CAN tell you cut a lot off!

  4. I can't stop thinking about those fries.

  5. Can you PLEASE send some proper snow our way? This dusting crap is just not cutting it over here!

    Also pretty awesome way to spend a weekend. :)

  6. awesome that you went to RAI benefit - i knew colin o'd.

    also - i need to LOL with you offline about something.

  7. watching movies, drinking wine, cooking and sitting by the fire is pretty much the best winter night ever. snow can be a lovely excuse to just sit back and relax for a change :).

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