Out and about...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some fun pics from last weekend:

Me, Mcgahan and Lzone having fun with selfies at a Friday night out at the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland. I'm still waiting to make some $$$ there, although I ended up breaking even this night - I'll take it.

It was Mrs. (Holler) Doyle's baby shower and the UD girls are together - could she look any more adorable? Also, I love that they re-used their wedding centerpieces and added baby! Can't wait to meet this little bundle of joy :)

Well, good news, it's Thursday, the weekend is almost here and it's St. Patrick's Day on Sunday. Any fun plans?

Have a good one, kids.


  1. I don't get to have green beer, I'm doing a 15k on sunday. sidenote, those baby shower balloons are super cute!

  2. I'm avoiding the casino because I'm certain I've got the kind of luck that will cause me to lose what little money I do have :). So breaking even is not bad!!

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