This past weekend was brought to you by the color green....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I don't even know how it's Thursday and I haven't blogged yet this week. Actually I do know how, I've been busy as crap.

It's a good busy though, a busy that will lead to a long weekend in NYC to celebrate my sissy's 30th birthday... but that's for another post.

Last weekend was St. Patrick's Day and while I didn't celebrate in my traditional way of starting to drink at dawn and not coming home still the sun goes down it was still a wonderful weekend. Mostly thanks to good friends who let me pretend St. Pat's was on Saturday and not Sunday.

Friday night CK and I headed to Press Wine Bar in Tremont for a dinner double date with good friends Reena and Jody. The food and wine was delicious, definitely a spot worth checking out. The deviled eggs are TDF.

The beautiful Reena and Jody and the marginally attractive CK and I ;)

Saturday I headed to Canton for my cousin Kristen's baby shower at Congress Lake Country Club - a perfect location to celebrate Kristen and her soon to be baby girl and catch up with family. After the shower my mom and I headed to a couple potential wedding venues for me and CK - the jury is still out on that though.

When I got back to Cleveland I headed straight to the Driggs' new home in the Detroit-Shoreway (yay neighbors!) to celebrate Saturday St. Patrick's Day. There was Irish singing, Irish dancing, Irish drinking and friends all around. There was also some AMAZING video of Driggs and CK to be shared at a later date. A trip to the UnderDog of the Happy Dog rounded out the evening, good times.

Baby shower, pinky ring bling for Seanski and friends!

On the actual St. Pat's, CK, his little one and I headed to the FREEZING parade route in Downtown Cleveland, had fun at Mavis Winkles and to round the day off and a screening of Argo (finally) before sleep.

No complaints on the action from my end!

Happy Thursday, kid.


  1. i have got to get to press! i KEEP seeing it pop up on cleveland blogs and wine is pretty much my favorite food ever :). glad you had a nice weekend!

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend too. I guess mine wasn't as enjoyable starting with the lack of alcohol and standing in the cold parade as well. Which I did not find too interesting, by the way.

  3. Wine and deviled eggs...hmmmmm....whoda thunk?

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