Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards Party 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS - it's that time of year again, time for the 19th Annual Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards Party!

Presented by The Huntington National Bank, the always awesome strolling food and wine tasting event features over 30 of Northeast Ohio's best restaurants and Silver Spoon Awards winners chosen by Cleveland Magazine readers like you and I.

The 19th Annual Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards Party details:
when: Wednesday, May 15th from 6-9pm
where: InterContinental Cleveland
why: To benefit the mission of the Arthritis Foundation, Great Lakes Region, Northeast Ohio and have a heck of a good time

I'm especially happy that this year Spice Kitchen + Bar won best new restaurant, as one of my favorite spots in my neighborhood (and the whole city) they couldn't deserve the recognition more. If you attend the party this year you'll get to sample their food, a win/win in my book.

There are two levels of tickets available for purchase, $85 for general admission and $135 for VIP, when purchased in advance online.

You can also win a pair of general admission tickets here on the plum!

There are four simple options to enter to win:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me which of the participating restaurants you're most excited to try

2. Follow @clevelandsaplum, @SilverSpoonCLE and @ClevelandMag on Twitter - leaving a comment telling me you did so (or already do)

3. Tweet the following - " I want to eat all of the #CLEFood at @SilverSpoonCLE on May 15th and for @clevelandsaplum to send me there " - leaving a comment on this post telling me you did so. You can do this daily for extra entries leaving a new comment each time.

4. Share a link to this post - - on your Facebook page, leaving a comment telling me you did so

You have until Monday, May 6th at 5pm to enter to win and I'll be announcing the winner the following day here on the plum - GOOD LUCK!

Disclosure: I was provided a pair of tickets to this event for myself and a pair to giveaway to my readers, as always my opinion are my own.


Binder full of brides

Friday, April 26, 2013

It's been over two months since CK and I got engaged and no, we don't have a date set.

It's cool, we're working on it.

Finding a date that fits into our very full 2013 wedding guest calendar has been a problem, so has finding a venue we can afford on our budget that we actually like in Canton, Oh.

But it's cool, we're working on it.

I mean, I have a board on Pinterest...that counts as planning, right? I also know I want to get married at St. Haralambos Greek Orthodox Church and wear white - but that's about it.

TOTALLY COOL, we're working on it.

Well, thanks to my dear friend Moe I officially have planning binder, aka she's oh so slightly publicly nudging me into getting my shit together.

I love how I make Moe pose with the binder she gifted me instead of me actually posing with it, ha.

So after officially receiving this binder, I wrote "Chris & Alexa" in the cover where I'm suppose to and left the "date" section and everything else blank... we'll get to that, eventually. May 2014 sounds nice.

Happy Friday, kids.

520 Lowes, too many years to count later

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

There were a lot of wonderful things that happened this past weekend, but this one was one of the best...

On Saturday I headed to Pittsburgh to hangout with a couple of my old University of Dayton roommates and dear friends, Teen and Seifs. We played catch-up, ate delicious food, drank a little too much wine and even crashed a bachelor party.

All before midnight.

We're good like that.

Happy Tuesday, kids.

#BVBonfire 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

For the second year in a row my good friends Alana and Dean have invited over a motley crew of folks, comprised mostly of people who met through social media, for a #BVBonfire.

The "BV" stands for Bay Village and if you haven't partied in the BV you don't know what you're missing, P-A-R-T-Y.

Most of the awesomeness happens because our gracious hosts:
- Have an amazing party pad
- Like to play with fire
- Let us dance on their coffee table

I'm gonna try to talk them into making it a biannual event because one just isn't enough - Browns away game anyone? Just saying.

In breaking from the dancing and debauchery of the party I didn't take many photos, why you may ask? It's because I'm currently obsessed with Vine, the Apple only app that allows one to record and share 6-second video clips.

Thankfully, because I'm all tech savvy (not really) I stitched all my 6-second Vines from the evening together and uploaded the video to YouTube.... see the damage below.

Dancing. Twerking. Yoga. Congo-line. Pudding shots. Yeah, it was fun.

I did take a few photographic gems:

A little blurry and dark? Yes. But I still love this photo of my buddies.

More friends + Tabitha's FAMOUS pudding shots, zomg the Banana Cream Pie is my new favorite + Seanski bringing back his infamous "double V"

The one and only #BVBonfire + The chambray/denim shirt mafia and their various shoe choices, duh.

Good times, good friends. I'm a lucky lady.

Happy Wednesday, kids!


Monday, April 15, 2013

Normally you can find me on Twitter at @clevelandsaplum sharing my thoughts on life, Cleveland, marketing and anything else I see fit, such as in this past weekend's case, slightly inappropriate dancing Vines.

This week though, I'll also be tweeting from @InTheCLE!

Starting today through Sunday I'll be the featured tweeter of the week for @InTheCLE - the citizen's voice social media channel that allows Clevelanders share and promote their love for Cleveland, one tweet at a time.

Each week there's a new Clevelander taking over the @InTheCLE Twitter handle and if it's something you're interested in doing you can find all the details and how to apply online here. We're looking for all types of people, eastside/westside, interesting careers, sports fanatics, etc. - we really want an eye into what living in Cleveland means to YOU.

This week at @InTheCLE it's all about what living in Cleveland means to ME so I hope you follow along to see an even more detailed look (if that's even possible, ha) into my life in the city.

Happy Monday, kids!

Court, the bride-to-be + Tremont Scoops + Indians Home Opener

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The weekend.

Thursday: Delicious as always dinner with CK at Tremont Tap House in celebration of our three-year anniversary - yay!

Friday: Fun with CK and the little one.

Saturday: An amazing day celebrating the upcoming nuptials of my dear friend Court with a shower at Wine Bar Rocky River and a bachelorette party taking us all over the near westside of Cleveland.

Court and her Mom - like mother like daughter, right? Beautiful ladies! + Court modelling her new china, which just so happens to match her dress + menu + the shower hostesses Heather and Muffin with the bride-to-be!

Surprise, Court, you're riding in style tonight - party bus! + beautiful ladies + Muffin and "Momcat" at Old Angle + more beautiful ladies at Speakeasy + Court on stage at Bounce, drag queens for all!

Sunday: Hangover city made better with a trip to the under new ownership (who happen to all be my friends) Tremont Scoops. Being able to support local business in one of Cleveland's best neighborhoods and eat delicious ice cream while doing it? AWESOME. Just like the peanut butter pretzel sundae. mmmmmmmm.

Tremont Scoops, how adorably delicious. Go check them out TODAY!

Monday: Last minute invitation to the Indians opening day from my friend Colleen = lots of fun at Progressive field in some GREAT seats with great people. The annual trip to Moiraty's Pub post-game was pretty cool too.

Indians Opening Day pomp and circumstance + me and Colleen in the very brief rain + Colleen, party of one, at Moiraty's

Good weekend, great friends.

Happy hump day, kids!

Happy home opener, Cleveland!

Monday, April 8, 2013

First off, thank you all for your awesome advice, reassurance and truth bombs on my last post - that post reminded me of the amazing network of people that are out there - and helped me, a lot. 

Also, to ease the fears of those of you (my mom) who are now officially worried about me - chill out - it's better for me to get it out then keep it in. I've been publicly sharing parts of my life on the internet for over 5 years, you should be used to it by now :)


When I was driving to the office this morning I wasn't planning on attending the Cleveland Indians home opener. But with one text from Colleen as I was pulling into my downtown parking lot I'm now going to be in the park for the 4:05pm start time against the Yankees.

Luckily did dress in my Indians gear as D&E is celebrating opening day with a jeans and ballpark themed lunch day - so yeah, go Tribe!

It's going to be a beautiful day (with hopefully no rain), the Tribe are off to a great start this season and Indians baseball is officially back and underway on the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.

Tribe time now.

Happy home opener, Cleveland.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

WARNING: You will find an atypical plum post below.
I'm stressed.

My engagement to CK is supposed to be one of the happiest times of my life but instead I'm in a mourning period.

I'm mourning the wedding that I thought I'd always have with the realization that it's not going to happen.

I'm mourning the fact that I'm going to have to sell my perfect townhouse and move to an area of Northeast Ohio that I have no desire to live in. Away from my friends, my life and the city that I've lived in for the last 8 years and honestly, I'm kinda pissed about it.

Which makes me scared, scared that I'm not going to be happy, scared that I'm going to be resentful of decisions that were made without my say.

You see, I'm working on accepting that my wedding isn't going to be big, fat and Greek filled with unlimited friends and family.

I'm working on accepting that I'm not going to live in my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th.... neighborhood of choice.

I'm working on it... AND my control issues, can't you tell?

There's one thing I'm not scared of though, my relationship with CK - it's strong, we love each other and this is forever. I'm just being open about my process of being stressed the heck out so that if you see me and I bite your head off you know why.


Kind of.

Happy Thursday, kids, IT'S ALL GOING TO BE OK.

Out like a lamb?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A last minute invitation to the Cavs game from Seanski and Matt means CK and I get to grub on B Spot Burgers with my favorite neighbors and take a trip post-game to Horseshoe Casino. Now, while the casino wasn't good to me (again), Seanski's brother Kevin made out like a bandit. At least I got a Fireball shot out of it.

Cavs game!

A morning spin class at Psycle and shopping at Eton and Beachwood Place with CK was the perfect primer for a fun night out with friends. 

With the number of people in our Saturday night dinner group growing the fine folks at Market in Rocky River were awesomely accommodating and gave us the private room for our party of 15. It worked out perfectly, with our own TV for basketball watching and the opportunity to be as loud as we liked - not like that would stop us though.

Big deals closing at the giant boardroom style table in the private room at Market. Also worth noting, we were sitting boys on one side and girls on the other.

After Market we headed to Eddy and Iggy's for Fireball (naturally) and karaoke. My review of their karaoke? AWESOME. With the exception of the screaming drunk 22-year-old girls that grew with frequency towards the end of the night. If you follow me on Vine/Twitter videos of CK and "simba" for your enjoyment though - good times.

Easter for all you "Americans" but just a regular old Lenten Sunday for me as Greek Easter isn't until May, 5th this year. I did want CK to enjoy a nice Easter brunch the way he is used to though so I got to baking and ordering for Easter his style. We had a great Sunday and only a little bit of tears/stress while he and I worked on our wedding "scenarios" - lord help us both.

Everything in the above picture was consumed on Sunday, March 31st... even the Taco Bell Cool Ranch Doritos around 1am, haha. Mimosas, coffee, HoneyBaked Ham for the "American" and Gooey Butter Cake for the STL native CK.

All in all a wonderfully well balanced and awesome weekend with my main squeeze and great friends.

So, how was your weekend?

Happy Tuesday, kids!