Court, the bride-to-be + Tremont Scoops + Indians Home Opener

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The weekend.

Thursday: Delicious as always dinner with CK at Tremont Tap House in celebration of our three-year anniversary - yay!

Friday: Fun with CK and the little one.

Saturday: An amazing day celebrating the upcoming nuptials of my dear friend Court with a shower at Wine Bar Rocky River and a bachelorette party taking us all over the near westside of Cleveland.

Court and her Mom - like mother like daughter, right? Beautiful ladies! + Court modelling her new china, which just so happens to match her dress + menu + the shower hostesses Heather and Muffin with the bride-to-be!

Surprise, Court, you're riding in style tonight - party bus! + beautiful ladies + Muffin and "Momcat" at Old Angle + more beautiful ladies at Speakeasy + Court on stage at Bounce, drag queens for all!

Sunday: Hangover city made better with a trip to the under new ownership (who happen to all be my friends) Tremont Scoops. Being able to support local business in one of Cleveland's best neighborhoods and eat delicious ice cream while doing it? AWESOME. Just like the peanut butter pretzel sundae. mmmmmmmm.

Tremont Scoops, how adorably delicious. Go check them out TODAY!

Monday: Last minute invitation to the Indians opening day from my friend Colleen = lots of fun at Progressive field in some GREAT seats with great people. The annual trip to Moiraty's Pub post-game was pretty cool too.

Indians Opening Day pomp and circumstance + me and Colleen in the very brief rain + Colleen, party of one, at Moiraty's

Good weekend, great friends.

Happy hump day, kids!


  1. I'd visit that ice cream shop, if not merely to sit in those window swings. What a cute idea!

  2. I wish I had smiled for that picture of me! Thanks for stopping in, glad you liked the sundae!

  3. 3 years and a ring on it! Woohoo!!!

    I sent this post to my mom and she was overcome with pride at noticing the"water bottle in hand" pic. For capturing the one moment I was sans cocktail, beer, or shot, I thank you! Such an amazing group of friends and such a fantastic day...I can't stop smiling :) Love you, Alexa!!!

    1. HAHAHA! Lady friend, you have no idea how kind I was to you with these pics - oh some of the drag show ones are amazing, but for our eyes only ;)

      And, you were excellent at hydrating!! love ya, xoxo

    2. I can't even bear to look at some of them so please trust that I fully appreciate your discretion!

  4. a shower/bachelorette at a wine bar is guaranteed success. hurray fabulous weekends & happy anniversary! xo

  5. ummm. you had me at peanut butter pretzel sundae....I can't think of a more amazing thing to eat...I must now make this my mission to try!

  6. I have a shower/bachelorette in one day later this month for a wedding I'm in. I'm pre-emptively exhausted just thinking about that day!
    Also, I can't decide if I'm more jealous of your Tremont Scoops trip or opening day...

  7. I've never been to that Tremont Scoops and keep hearing all about their ice cream! Looks like a fun weekend!

  8. i went to tremont scoops last wknd and a few days ago. love the salted caramel ice cream and the cappuccino one. too bad the hot fudge is not like that of malley's :/ love the blog!!

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