Phish or bust, CLE to SPAC

Thursday, July 11, 2013

So how was everyone's 4th of July holiday? Mine was filled with family fun time in Canton in advance of my CLE to SPAC road trip.

My little cousins on 4th of July + my not so little cousins Jenna and David who now tower over me at ages 20 and 16.

Sigh, these kids keep growing up on me! With all the fun that was had on the 4th CK and I had to head home early because we had a road trip and a three night Phish run at SPAC ahead of us.

I've been listing to Phish since high school, which is a very long time ago, but doesn't mean anything in a Phish phan's world where they gauge your fandom based on how many shows you've seen. You could say I'm a late bloomer to the "tour" scene.

I've seen five shows, which is essentially zero to a "phan", but that doesn't mean I don't love the band and their music. I really love them, not as much as CK as I'm not an encyclopedia of their catalog, but you get the point. (update: read this article on Phish phans secret language and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.)

How about I love them enough to agree to drive eight hours with five friends to Saratoga Springs, NY and see them three nights in a row. Yup.

While I may have been anxious for the drive (I tend to get car sick and claustrophobic), for the house we rented (once the AC kicked in I was good) and for my stamina (partying three nights in a row?!) the trip was so much fun. I'm actually proud of myself for making it through the whole weekend with only a couple meltdowns.  

CLE to SPAC road trip with Stephen, Jen, Jolynn and Brian (me and CK not pictured) + friendly hooligans at the house before a show + Jolynn max and relaxin' in her hammock pre-show + me, Jolynn and Jen + Phish from the back of the Pav + Phish from Page-side of the Lawn at SPAC

The CLE to SPAC crew at our favorite pre-show shaded spot, because why wouldn't we want to pick up Billy?

Good times, good friends and really good music.

What more can you ask for?

Happy Thursday, kids.


  1. You are such a trooper. Though, I had to laugh that you were scared to party three nights in a row ... because, that's how I envision pretty much every weekend in Cleveland for you. =D

    1. HA! it's all a facade, my friend, all a facade ;)

  2. For a split second, I thought you guys camped the three days. ( I maybe could do that. Maybe!)

    (But not really)

    Welcome back!

  3. I am so happy you had a good time! I hope it made you a bigger fan and helped you understand the weirdo obsessives a bit better (instead of the exact opposite -- a totally viable outcome)! Those three shows sound incredible and I'm so jealous. My cousin and I were lamenting our absence the ENTIRE week I was in St. Louis.

    I knew you'd come out clean on the other side! Mini-meltdowns are totally acceptable; we've all wanted to strangle a wook from time to time.

    Happy Thursday!

    1. the monsoon of rain sunday almost lost me, but i made it through.

      and i definitely am a bigger fan, the make me happy.

  4. Ha yes, partying 3 nights in a row is a tough job these days! Funny how easy it seemed in college :).

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