Summer in Cleveland continues

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

As I'm recovering from yesterday's birthday Twitter/Instagram #plumroast I realize how many opportunities I give my friends to take inappropriate photos of me.


I suppose there's always payback, just you wait guys :)

So during this short holiday week I don't want to glaze over my last awesome family fun filled weekend as it was wonderful.

On Friday it was c-rossi's surprise 30th birthday party at Hooples!

Saturday I headed to Canton for Katie's fabulous bridal shower. My mom and the bride-to-be + My cousin Kristen and I + Katie's bridesmaids minus my sissy + Kristen and her new baby girl in matching chevron! It was so amazing getting to meet Amelia, her Thea Alexa already love, love, love, love, LOVES her.

CK's little one decided she wanted to start a blog on Sunday - apparently there's a TV show about a Dog and a Blog?!? Who knows, anyways, this is her navigation map that I promise I didn't help her with but I love it. I may have my hands full with her as she gets older, ha. + Lunch + CK helping to calm me down at Nano Brew after some crappy news about our wedding reception venue

And with this update I'm signing off for a few days to go Phishing in NY - lord help me.

Happy 4th of July, kids - stay safe out there!


  1. aw what a fun looking weekend and love the matching Chevron, too cute!

  2. looks like a great weekend, but um, more importantly, is that tomato soup with goldfish crackers? i gotta get me some of that!


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