Currently craving...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I've always had a sweet tooth, my lack of abdominal muscles and thunder thighs proves that, but recently ALL I WANT is sweets - like constantly.

As I continue my diet, instead of indulging in sweets, I'm going to share with you what I wish I was devouring in hopes of curbing the cravings.

But let's be honest with ourselves, it's probably not going to work....

Currently craving:

Bittner from Taggarts Ice Cream Parlor in my hometown of Canton, Ohio.

Vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup mixed together and topped with Heggy's salted pecans and whipped cream - PERFECTION.

S'mores straight from a campfire with a nice char on the marshmallow. This would happen preferably once the weather gets a little cooler and I'm wearing knee-high boots.

Yes, please may I have s'more?!?

Oreos and milk, not double stuffed, no fancy flavor of the day just a plain 'ol original Oreo cookie with a tall extra cold glass of skim milk. Mmmmmmm.

This may be my indulgence this weekend....

I love pie, much more than cake and cookies combined in fact, but the pie I love most is the coconut cream pie from Hartville Kitchen (another hometown favorite like Taggarts).

The perfect combination of coconut, cream and meringue!

Guys, I could keep going and going and going and going.

So, what sweet tooth item are you currently craving? Come on, gimmie something else to day dream about!

Happy Thursday, kids.

#KKAMM takes over Humble Wine Bar + Martha's having a baby

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This past weekend I got to hangout with many of my favorite people on the planet.

Friday the great five-some that is KKAMM: Kara (Beaver), Katie (Foxx), Alexa (Me), Muffin and MOB headed to new Lakewood hotspot Humble Wine Bar for.... wine!

Well, wine bottle(s), cheese plate, wood-fired pizzas(s) and desserts(s).... to be more specific.

Head to Humble Wine Bar today and all this could be yours too!! Except maybe the KKAMM "hands in" photo, those are attached.

KKAMM (comprised of some of my closest friends from UD that also happen to live in CLE) had such a great time at Humble Wine Bar (owned and operated by the same amazing team as Deagan's Kitchen & Bar down the street) that we didn't want to leave. With amazing food/wine, ambiance and chill vibe that's also run by some of the best people around you can't not want to support Humble Wine Bar.

KKAMM! Or more like AM + MKK

After multiple bottles of delicious wine it was time to let another group enjoy our table, so we headed to World of Beer Lakewood and Public House to wrap up our evening - I'm sure those of you that know us best can assume how our evening ended.

KKAMM at World of Beer + BEER

Saturday was spent doing Saturday things like cleaning, laundry, dinner at Deagan's, etc. but also involved continued house hunting with CK, the kiddo and my real estate agent mom. Nothing yet, but hopefully soon!

Sunday the lot of us headed to Brecksville for Martha's baby shower at the Dawson's beautiful new home. So many reasons to celebrate and I think it's going to be a boy... we'll just have to wait and see now won't we.

Martha + Cubby's child = UD baby + the beautiful shower hostesses + Ladies, all the ladies! Except for me... someone had to take the picture, duh.

Phew. What a weekend.

No complaints on my end, that's for sure.

Happy Wednesday, kids!

#KaTBone Wedding

Friday, August 23, 2013

Guys, there was so much fun had at my dear friends Katie and Tim's wedding this past Saturday that I literally didn't leave my house at all the following day.

It was a University of Dayton wedding, so you know that means fun. But not only did the bride and groom both go to UD, so did the majority of their siblings (four of 'um) and I'm pretty sure some parents/aunts/uncles/cousins too. I wouldn't be surprised if half the wedding guests were UD alumni.

It was an awesome and beautiful party. A party to celebrate a couple so worth celebrating, who love each other more than karaoke and Cleveland sports combined.

Let's get to proof of said party though.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bennett!!!!! (leaving Holy Trinity Church in Avon)

After the 'tweener at the Baucco's we headed to Westwood Country Club for the reception where the newly minted Bennett's cut the cake and danced their first song to Starship's, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now with such a rousing response that there were lighters, clapping and table dancing. BEST FIRST DANCE EVER.

The Alexander's and the Seidenwand's with a side of Chewbaucco + the Biondi's + the Schubel's + Hartzell and Julie + the Seidenwand's

These pics aren't the best clarity but show the UD representation at the bash. Good times, good people.

Ties on heads, photo booths, streamers, Dirty Dancing and something I can't even describe, all made up the constantly packed danced floor at #KaTBone's wedding reception.

Seriously, what IS this? People were calling it the elephant and I'm fairly sure Hartzell was in the front? I don't get it, but I was fascinated by it. 

I love weddings, especially when they are as fun as this one. The Johnson's and Bennett's sure know how to do it up right - let's do it all over again this weekend!

Congrats again to Katie and Tim, I was so happy to be even a small part of your day - I wish you both nothing but happiness!

Happy Friday, kids.

Mahall's LKWD Music Fest 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

As you're making your plans for the upcoming weekend I think you'd be wise to include Mahall's LKWD Music Festival into your Saturday to-do list. 

The one and only.

The second annual event has upped its game this year by bringing in Talib Kweli to headline. There will be over 30 bands on three stages, food trucks, pop-up vendors, craft beer and cocktails. 

Sounds like a recipe for fun to me!

The folks over at Mahall's 20 Lanes know what they are doing, they rep Cleveland (and Lakewood) beautifully so that you can't help but want to support them - plus it's well documented that they are all near and dear to my heart.

So on Saturday, August 24, at 2pm you best be at Mahall's LKWD Music Fest - tickets can be purchased online in advance for $20 and $25 at the door.

I know I'll be biking my butt over early in the day so I hope to see you there.

Happy Monday, kids.

Ball management

Friday, August 16, 2013

Y'all know I try to keep the positive energy running over here on the regular but life is pretty stressful right now.

I'm just praying for something good to happen. A break perhaps. There are too many balls flying in the air at the same time and at least one of them has to fall in the right place soon.

Me. Right now.

I really wish I could throw all of the balls in the closet, lock it up and throw away the key. Denial is good for the soul.

(No it's not)

But in all seriousness I know I'm being tested, I know everyone is watching as to how I'm going to react (yes, this is cryptic) but there's nothing I can do but be strong and pray for one of those GD balls to drop in the right place.

At work I preach "managing expectations" and maybe (just maybe) I just need to manage my own expectations. 

At least I'm self aware.

At least the sun is shining. 

At least it the friggin' weekend (and baby I'm about to have me some fun). 

Happy Friday, kids!

Caroline + Parker get married!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm still coming down from a four day trip to St. Louis to witness CK's sister Caroline and her now husband Parker get married.

So much love was shared during this marriage celebration that my simple words couldn't properly give justice to the experience. From the bridal luncheon, the lovely vineyard ceremony/reception setting, meeting new friends/family, dancing and the happiness that surrounded the couple it was spectacular. 

I'm lucky to be marrying into this family.

The #Parkoline (get it? Parker + Caroline) wedding party at the rehearsal.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Parker McDougal! These two are my future sister and brother-in-law, guys!

The beautiful bride and handsome groom at Chandler Hill Vineyards (such an awesome venue) + the three flower girls taking in the view + My other future sister-in-law, Maggie, signing the marriage certificate + My future father-in-law, Mark, toasting the bride and groom.

I wish Parker and Caroline nothing but happiness in the future, but they don't really need my best wishes because they are the real deal - to Mr. and Mrs. McDougal!

The rest of the weekend was wedding recovery mode with a heaping side of family fun time. Saturday night we had a cookout at CK's Dad and Florence's where amazing friends the Schmitt's and Nations came over for good times.

The United Nations + Mistiburr trying to master the Easy Bake Oven (harder than it looks) + The mini-cookies from said Easy Bake Oven.... delicious?

My only regret from the weekend? My cellphone dying right after the wedding ceremony and not taking enough pictures of the rest of the weekend. Luckily the above photos do the job.

Another great weekend in STL is in the books and I can't wait to do it all over again soon.

Happy Thursday, kids.

Repair(wo)man in training

Thursday, August 8, 2013

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you probably already saw the below photo but I'm sharing it again because I'm still gloating!

Maybe gloating is the wrong word, unless I'm gloating to the microwave.... 

"Oh yeah? You think you can break and I'm going to have to buy a whole new one of you? NOPE. I just FIXED YOUR ASS! KitchenAid over-the-range microwave, you're officially my Bitch, Jesse Pinkman style! MWAHAHAHAHA"

Well, that was aggressive.

My thought process/steps when my microwave broke:
1. Crap, what is an "F2" error and why is my microwave turning on and off by itself? Is it possessed!?!?
2. Headed to appliance forums to see what the error meant, realized it was something to do with the "keyboard membrane."
3. Looked up how much the same model of the microwave would cost me - $645.99 plus installation?!?!? HECK NO.
4. Looked up how much the part would cost me - $170, way more manageable.
5. Ordered part.
6. Found instructional video on YouTube for how to install it (all I needed was a screwdriver).
7. Installed it, and it worked!

You would have thought I invented the light bulb and cured cancer at the same time I was so proud of myself for fixing my microwave. I literally fist pumped and jumped up and down when it started working. Girl power.

I mean, how else was I going to cook Smart Ones and defrost chicken if I couldn't fix it?

Now that I'm a professional appliance repair woman I'm accepting small repair jobs on the side, you can pay me in Makers Mark.

Happy Thursday, kids!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shopping on the east side, Maggiano's gluttony, spinning, Brecksville house-hunting, MEGAFEST in Tremont, Tina's karaoke, more house-hunting, a kiddo birthday party and and my first official (low-ball and rejected) offer on my house made for a super jam packed weekend.

Ahmed's fancy sign making skills shined at #MEGAFEST

Ahmed + AJP + Pinata breaking + Karaoke + Sorry cat ice cream cat

So, how was your weekend?

Happy Tuesday, kids.

Made in the 216, Summer 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hey kids.

Made in the 216 is this weekend!

The shopping, music and food event designed to promote and support the local creative core that is 'the 216' is always a good time. Every year I go I end up finding a new artist to fall in love. 

It's an experience, and an awesome one at that.

The fabulous details:

Location and event times: 1810 W 25th Street, in Ohio City (corner of W 25th and Jay Ave) 
Friday, August 2: 4pm to 10pm
Saturday, August 3: 10am to 10pm
Sunday, August 4: 10am to 5pm

Eats provided by Barrio, Umami Moto and Touch Supper Club with drinks from Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Music provided by 14+ locals bands: full list of bands, times and locations here.

Hope you make it out to Made in the 216 sometime this weekend to enjoy summer in Ohio City - do it.