Repair(wo)man in training

Thursday, August 8, 2013

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you probably already saw the below photo but I'm sharing it again because I'm still gloating!

Maybe gloating is the wrong word, unless I'm gloating to the microwave.... 

"Oh yeah? You think you can break and I'm going to have to buy a whole new one of you? NOPE. I just FIXED YOUR ASS! KitchenAid over-the-range microwave, you're officially my Bitch, Jesse Pinkman style! MWAHAHAHAHA"

Well, that was aggressive.

My thought process/steps when my microwave broke:
1. Crap, what is an "F2" error and why is my microwave turning on and off by itself? Is it possessed!?!?
2. Headed to appliance forums to see what the error meant, realized it was something to do with the "keyboard membrane."
3. Looked up how much the same model of the microwave would cost me - $645.99 plus installation?!?!? HECK NO.
4. Looked up how much the part would cost me - $170, way more manageable.
5. Ordered part.
6. Found instructional video on YouTube for how to install it (all I needed was a screwdriver).
7. Installed it, and it worked!

You would have thought I invented the light bulb and cured cancer at the same time I was so proud of myself for fixing my microwave. I literally fist pumped and jumped up and down when it started working. Girl power.

I mean, how else was I going to cook Smart Ones and defrost chicken if I couldn't fix it?

Now that I'm a professional appliance repair woman I'm accepting small repair jobs on the side, you can pay me in Makers Mark.

Happy Thursday, kids!


  1. I still didn't know that you could JUST replace that part.

    Girl Power! (think me yelling it as the Spice Girls did)

  2. Girl power - rock it!

    (BTW, one of the guys in my office, who offers way too much info on a regular basis, had to work from home one day so his $5,000 microwave could be installed. I was left wondering who the hell pays that much for a microwave and whether such a microwave will also do my taxes!!!???!!!)

  3. this is SO gloat worthy! it certainly trumps my excitement for learning to replace my sweeper belts!!! this is like, electronics and stuff!!!

    And what did we ever do before youtube instructional videos? I learned how to hook up my computer speakers to my new TV from youtube, and how to sync my cell phone with my car. Reading instructions? no thanks! Watching a step by step? Awesome!!!!!

  4. haha you are a rock star woman.

  5. CK is so lucky to have you around!

  6. that is THE BOMB. I know the feeling - I am SO EFFING PROUD of myself when i fix something around the house (especially something i didn't know how to do beforehand). SUPERWOMAN, I tell ya :)

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