Fall weekending in Cleveland

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My glorious and needed beautiful fall weekending consisted of...

Witnessing Mr and Mrs Marini Garvin (a.k.a. Jen and Stephen) getting married at Nighttown - I love these two people so very much.

Trying to recreate this photo from Phish last summer - we get an A for effort. + CK and I + CK, me and the groom in a selfie + Late night munchies Taco Bell at the reception late night -- amazing!

Colleen making herself a bloody mary at Katrina's Liver Life Challenge fundraiser Browns tailgate + Lori, Deano, Alana and Colleen sitting on Dock 20 + Me peacefully trying to put a damper on a bunch of Lions fans singing their fight song?!? + Heather, me, Alana and Lori continuing the tailgate + Post Browns loss fun at Panini's with Katie and Muffin

Yeah, I'm okay with all of the above. Let's do it again soon.

Happy Wednesday, kids.


  1. Yay!! Love all the pictures of YOU!! :)

  2. you crashing the fight song was the best. since when do pro sports teams have fight songs!?

  3. You crack me up. If by peaceful, you mean dancing your way around cocky Lions fans, then yah, you're the peace keeper! hahaha.

  4. You look sooooo gorg in the photo with CK!!

  5. Beautiful necklace.

    They have a fight song?!!!!

  6. yep sounds like a fabulous time.

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