Diwali in Cleveland

Friday, November 8, 2013

I recently had the honor of attending my first ever Diwali celebration courtesy of my friends Shibani and Nick who opened their home to a great group of friends for amazing Indian food, libations, gambling and sparkles.

Shibani was not only an amazing chef and party planner, but also a teacher who shared her Hindu family traditions with the group, e.g., gambling to bring prosperity for the new year or lighting sparklers to embrace our inner light.

I loved every tradition, bite of food and roll of the dice - the celebration was perfect.

My bindi wearing, samosa eating self + my loves Shibani, sarabot and JV + Shibani explaining the menu for the evening + Nugget blowing out his 30th birthday candles

I'm positive that the gambling with dollar bills was my favorite Diwali tradition - so much laughing and fun + a corner coin flip game + Allison with her left/right/center winnings + sparklers! + a blurry Seanski with his new boxer BFF

As I left the party with a bubbles and Grand Mariner buzz and a fist full of dollar bills from my gambling winnings I made Shibani promise me she was going to throw this party again next year. She said yes, so an official new Cleveland friend tradition has been born.


Happy Friday, kids!


  1. Eamon will be glad to know that the coin toss gambling was a highlight of the evening. But he is never allowed to drink Grandma again!

  2. Awww you are too sweet Alexa! That was SUCH a fun evening!!

  3. i think it's about time seanski gets a dog. a big dog. he loves cabela, too!

  4. yep this looks like an excellent time indeed.

  5. I don't know much about Diwali but man that looks like a good time!

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