To Mr. and Mrs. Gannon!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


One of my dearest friends who has been mentioned countless times here on the plum over the course of the last (almost) six years. Our friendship goes back to University of Dayton and there's way more to her than "#whatdeerywore," she's one of the most loyal, genuine, thoughtful, do anything for you best friends a girl could ask for.

There have been so many fond memories and experiences but also so many more life events to share and look forward to in the future.

Muffin, I'm so glad that you're such a big part of my life (and that our significant others get along) and it was honor to stand up with you as a bridesmaid on your wedding day. I couldn't be happier for you and Jesse.

Now, to the pictures - which I admittedly didn't take enough of, was just too busy celebrating I suppose.

The #deerygannonwed rehearsal dinner was held at one of Tremont's finest establishments, Fahrenheit. Muffin was smart and chose a Thursday rehearsal dinner to allow for a Friday buffer day before the Saturday wedding, which we ALL needed post copious amounts of wine during dinner and Flying Monkey cocktailing.

The almost bride and groom + the maids + Mother/daughter BFFs + Muffin and her shower bouquet courtesy of poo poo's mad ribbon skills + maid gifts perfectly wrapped

Getting hair ready at Mama Deery's home with the Salon Jovan ladies + Muffin in the makeup chair with the talented Elizabeth Cook + the bride and her gorgeous bouquet en route to the church + all bridesmaid "hands-in", it's go time!

Mr. and Mrs. Gannon on the St. John Cantius (Tremont) alter + All the bridesmaids in our fur on the limo bus and the groomsmen all dapper + Muffin's sister Erin, brother-in-law Brandon and nephew taking an adorable family picture

The reception was held at the The Union Club in Downtown Cleveland, a historic and gorgeous venue that was all decked out in holiday decorations making a fitting backdrop for a December wedding - hence Erin and Court with the Christmas tree! + The Gannon's first dance + Pics of my amazing friends from all over the country happily all in one place

The bride and I + friends, loved ones and beautiful people + dancing

If you know my group of UD friends well, you know we love the song Escape by Enrique Iglesias more than any other song from college - there's even dance moves. It's a must hear at weddings or really anytime we're all together. I'm thankful for Tigger's husband Nik for capturing the dancing action shot of all the girls and for another "hands-in" for the memory book

I'm pretty blessed to have all these wonder people in my life and I'm fairly certain I fell asleep (and woke up) post wedding with a smile on my face.

To Mr. and Mrs. Gannon!!

Happy Thursday, kids.


  1. Beautiful wedding! Now that song is in my head!

  2. Alexa! You look gorgeous! And the bride? She looks breathtakingly beautiful - so in love.

  3. I just love a good wedding! Beautiful pictures, and you look amazing! I can't wait to see your wedding pics!

  4. Looks like a lovely wedding! Love the bridesmaids' hands in photo - you ladies have some real sparklers :).

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