Halloween + Browns = equally scary

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I don't know what was scarier, the Browns game this past Sunday or CK and I dressed as Paul and Annie from the movie Misery

Yes, you read that Halloween costume right - too bad we don't have a proper picture of us.

Friday night we headed to Harbor Inn for @timmybennett's annual Halloween party full of fun, debauchery and always very creative costumes. This year I didn't do picture taking justice but still managed to snap a few sharable ones.

Halloween costume winners!

Some of the guys had a good time with my sledgehammer costume prop, which I'm pretty sure is still in the backseat of my car...

Saturday was filled with sleeping in, errands, dinner at home and Cardinals baseball.  With the Cardinals being in the World Series there's been a lot of baseball watching in the Kramer house lately.

There was no baseball on Sunday afternoon though, only Browns football. A decent sized group of us headed to Lakewood for a Sunday Funday at Harry Buffalo and Riverwood Cafe where I felt like we were in college again with the party atmosphere in Lakewood. It was good times had by all and we were still home in time for the first pitch of another Cardinals baseball game. (Sidenote: As I'm typing this blog Monday night the Cardinals are playing... again)

Harry Buffalo did a great job of entertaining its guests on game day - like giving Alana Monsters Hockey game tickets and me winning $5 off my bill via iPhone app Bingo. + Friends! Laughing! Fun! Lots and lot of fun.

'Twas another fabulous fall weekend in Cleveland - let's do it again in four days, shall we?

Happy Tuesday, kids.

I love skin care beauty products!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

As someone who loves and adores all things make-up related but doesn't tend to wear make-up on a daily basis, my core skin care routine is extremely important to me.

I mean, if you're going to go bare faced out in public, one would hope you at least make that naked face look good and moisturized.

Recently I've adopted a daily regime that's working miracles for me. I'm so obsessed with it I've decided to share some of my favorite products with you guys - I'm a giver.

I'm a Kiehl's fanatic.

The Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser is the perfect combination of deep cleaning without over-drying, I use it every morning in the shower.

Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is does just what the name says plus adds an even tone and radiance to your skin. More importantly you can feel it working, it's one heck of a serum to be used in combination with your moisturizer. I use it in the morning and night.

Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Cream SPF 30 - OMG this is my newest obsession. It's a moisturizer, it's a makeup primer, it's a skin smoother and has an SPF. It just makes your skin feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel good. I use it in the morning.

We all know what our skin tends to look like in the winter, it can get dry/dull and there's no sun-kissed cheeks to be seen. Enter Dr.  Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads, an exfoliating self-tanner pad with anti-aging properties and a powerful kick of vitamin D. I use one before I go to bed for a little color boost - never orange, always subtle and great when you don't have time for a full blown spray tan. 

In need of a good no frills body moisturizer? Give bliss naked body butter a shot, there are scented varieties too - the vanilla + bergamot is divine. I used this post-shower and it definitely holds moisture all day, even in the winter months. Also, pro-tip you can usually find this at Marshall's on the cheap.

So while there may be too many beauty products that I'm a fan of to list here, and there are infinity combinations one can use, the important lesson here is to use something to take care of your skin.  Your moisturized and anti-aged face will thank you later.

So, what's your favorite skin care product of the moment? What's working for you? Do share!

Fall weekending in Cleveland

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My glorious and needed beautiful fall weekending consisted of...

Witnessing Mr and Mrs Marini Garvin (a.k.a. Jen and Stephen) getting married at Nighttown - I love these two people so very much.

Trying to recreate this photo from Phish last summer - we get an A for effort. + CK and I + CK, me and the groom in a selfie + Late night munchies Taco Bell at the reception late night -- amazing!

Colleen making herself a bloody mary at Katrina's Liver Life Challenge fundraiser Browns tailgate + Lori, Deano, Alana and Colleen sitting on Dock 20 + Me peacefully trying to put a damper on a bunch of Lions fans singing their fight song?!? + Heather, me, Alana and Lori continuing the tailgate + Post Browns loss fun at Panini's with Katie and Muffin

Yeah, I'm okay with all of the above. Let's do it again soon.

Happy Wednesday, kids.

Time to catch y'all up!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The hazy fog that was lingering over my life these last few weeks has lifted, the dust has settled, we all survived, and surprise - it's October - brilliant!

Now I can finally get back to more fun/important things like blogging, planning a wedding (not so much fun, but must be done) and figuring out our next house (more on that later).

While I know I've been MIA for a hot second here on the plum, my social calendar has still been buzzing. Here's a brief snapshot of what I've been up to - catch up y'all!

In celebration of the Tiffany & Co. opening at Eton Chagrin Boulevard I got to attend a swanky VIP party, try on stunning baubles and even walk out with a little something for myself thanks to my fabulous host. The store, diamonds and staff are top notch - I'm already planning out my Christmas gift from CK.

So. Much. Packing. I don't know how I have accumulated to much stuff - thankfully my cousin's store, Pat O'Brien's Fine Wines hooked me up with some sweet boxes! Also, many thanks to Scott and the College Hunks Moving crew for taking such good care of my belongings during the move - be sure call them if you need any moving help!

With trips to the always fabulous Society Lounge on East 4th, Horseshoe Cleveland, Liquid and Tina's Nite Club - not to mention all the limo bus fun - I'd say Jen's bachelorette party was a huge success. I don't believe her wedding is this weekend!

It was my dear friend Muffin's wedding shower this past weekend and all the girls got together to celebrate with her shower at SB eighty one, wine/dinner at my new favorite Humble Wine Bar and Lakewood bar hopping at Vosh, West End Tavern and Riverwood Cafe - we had an amazing day. Seriously, these ladies make me so happy.

Good times had by all and I must say that even though the move was a huge PITA, going home to CK every night has made it all worth it - tiny apartment and all :)

Happy Tuesday, kids!