So, how was your holiday vacation?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Guys, my blog quietly turned six-years-old yesterday.

The simple act of typing that sentence causes me to pause. There's so much to reflect on. So much to be grateful for.

But that's a post for another time.

Today's post is going to be the equivalent of you asking me, "How was your holiday vacation?"

In one word, it was awesome. Let the photo sharing of the last few weeks of my life begin...

Cassi's baby shower celebrations with Jess and the largest stuffed elephant I've ever seen + Holiday party at Reena and Jody's FABULOUS new home

Gina and Danny got engaged and Justin was really excited (little did we know that Justin would also be getting engaged in the upcoming weeks) + CK and my Uncle Nick, politics aside new BFFs + Cousin Melanie and cousin Sissy + Drinks, lots of them, because there's no reason not to have good libations during the holidays

Holiday party at the Foradas's with my cousins that I love so much! Sing-a-longs, Cards Against Humanity, hockey jerseys for Buster and LOTS of laughter.

There's four wonderful generations of my Dad's side of the family represented here, love seeing the little ones (and more mature ones, ha) all together on Christmas Eve + Present time at Pete and Suzanne's

This top shot is my favorite from Christmas Day. The scene, the kiddo said something adult hilarious and my family erupted in laughter- all caught in a single shot. + The kiddo striking a fashion pose and one with Cathi and Greg + The Christmas dinner table, crowns and all

The day after Christmas CK, the kiddo and hopped in the car for a road trip to STL to celebrate with CK's family. I survived the road trip thanks to Dramamine and the pay off of a wonderful time in STL was well worth it..... we went ice skating, saw Christmas lights in a convertible, played games, got to catch-up with friends and ate A LOT. I'd say it was a success.

Celebrating is exhausting (in the best way possible) and my family keeps doing it right through New Year's Day, but I wouldn't change a thing.

There's so much to look forward to in 2014. Ahem, CK and I are getting married in FOUR MONTHS. Probs should start planning and get a dress, huh?

Anyways, enough about me... how was your holiday vacation?


  1. I read your blog, Alexa, and all of my 'wahh too busy!' comments I often think go out the door, ha! When you and Chris get downtime again Jody and I want to see you guys again! xoxox Happy New Year ! ps- My Big Fat Greek Wine is definitely going on next year's holiday list, fo' sho'.

  2. That photo of the little making the bigs crack up is PRICELESS. I love it! As always, your social commitments exhaust me - and I'm only reading about them!

    So, when you say, "holiday vacation," do you mean the random holidays in the middle of the week? Do you mean the random day tacked onto each holiday that Gavin's daycare was closed? Do you mean the ridiculous 2 days off from work/daycare, 2 days on, 2 days off, 1 day on, 2 days off, 1 day on, 2 days off, 2 days on and 2 days off routine we got into which totally effed up Gavin's sense of normalcy and turned him into the little devil child? Oh, THAT holiday vacation ... yeah, it was fine. We saw some family, hung out with some friends, ate some food. It wasn't bad, but I am rather happy to go back to our real normal, so our kid will go to bed at a normal time and give me one or two precious hours where I don't have to talk to or look after anyone! =D

  3. eee this is so fun! love all the crazy fun pictures. my vacation was about the same, a whole lot of family and friends time and it was perfect, loved it all.

  4. Looks like holiday perfection! My holidays were good too - same themes - good food, good friends, lots of family and too much booze :).

  5. great pics, and what a fabulous vacation!! Mine was good...vacation from the gym...lots of wine, and food, and wishing that all work weeks could be 3 days long.

  6. Looks like holiday perfection! My holidays were good too - same themes - good food, good friends, lots of family and too much booze :).

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