Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Thea Joanna and Uncle David!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Canton may not be the biggest city in Northeast Ohio but it's my hometown, the majority of my family lives there and I love it.

This past weekend CK, the kiddo and I spent our time there as we attended my Thea Joanna and Uncle David's 50th wedding anniversary at the Barn at Monticello.

(Side story: the last time I was at the Barn, I accidentally spoiled my cousins surprise 16th birthday party because it was 2008 and I didn't think she would be reading Twitter, whoops.)

So many of my Thea Joanna and Uncle David's friends and family joined in the celebration - even sissy flew in from NYC. We had great food, MANY laughs and a wonderful, walk down memory lane photo movie (courtesy of Grog) that had us laughing and crying. We watched it again and again laughing at the fashion statements, awkward stages and hippies that they once were.

Thea Joanna and Uncle David cutting their anniversary cake + everyone needs a giant cardboard cutout of themselves + Jenna with her Yiayia and Wello

 Criseyda toasting her parents on their anniversary + COUSINS! Criseyda, Cathi, me and Sissy

Graceyn and her Dad, John + My not so little anymore cousins Natalie, David and Nicolette + The Nicolettes! + Game room action, fun for all

Saturday CK and I met with Father Nick to get everything ready with the diocese for our wedding at St. Haralambos. If this wedding wasn't real before, it sure is now!

During the evening the family came over to Stepho's new townhouse for a foodie worthy taco and game night. A home isn't quite a home until there's a game night, right?

Gather round the kitchen, it's dinner time + "MAGIC" + Story time magic with John + Heads-up on the iPhone, natch.

Great weekend, great times and THE BEST family. I'm so lucky to have all these people in my life.

Happy Thursday, kids.

What a weekend

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Not surprisingly, weekending in Cleveland is one of my most favorite things to do. 

When a weekend comes round where you have just the right amount of plans with friends and down time, all is right in the world.

Those weekends seem to have been coming less and less lately so I took full advantage of this one.

Friday brought a long overdue dinner date with CK in celebration of Valentine's Day. We dined at Salmon Dave's in Rocky River where their Taste of New Orleans menu made CK happy and the Alaskan King Crab legs (and gobs of butter) put me over the moon.

Saturday brought a boozy (is there any other way?) brunch with great friends at Press Wine Bar in Tremont. I highly recommend this place for Saturday or Sunday brunch based on their extensive (and delicious) menu and creative mimosa and bloody mary options. Good times.

Mark, Moe and Matt + Seanski, me and CK

I made art with my bubbles and Seanski's face + Me and my Beaver + Cupid's Undie Run making their way through Tremont. Let me just go on record and say the video I took I'm not comfortable sharing online.... interesting crowd.

Next stop: Brite Winter Festival all over Ohio City. It was COLD, but the turnout was fantastic. From art installations, live music and all of Cleveland's finest supporters the event (from my standpoint) was a huge success. I saw so many friends and had such a good time I was too busy to take photos. Trust me though, it was fabulous and should be a never be missed event.

Sunday I headed down to Canton for the Name Day Luncheon at my church, St. Haralambos. This luncheon was extra special because my Yiayia Lambo was honored with a Women of Distinction Award from the Philoptochos Ladies Society. It was a wonderful affair celebrating women from the church who I've had the honor of working with over the years. I think so fondly of all the time I spent growing up volunteering at my church with multiple generations of my Greek family. Makes me proud to have been a part of it. I'm also just a sap and was crying during the award presentations.

Thea Beth receiving her Women of Distinction award with Uncle Roger. + My Yiayia Lambo with Metropolitan Savas, she's the best. + All the honorees, look how fancy they are! Greek Yiayias make things happen, guys.

What a wonderful weekend, let's do it all over again soon shall we?

Have a great Tuesday, kids! Stay warm out there.

Awkward Personified

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

With my mom's recent move the opportunity for going through old photographs from my youth presented itself quite frequently. 

There were many gems worth sharing. But one - one amazing snapshot - frozen in time, rose to the top of the pile of printed awesomeness. 

You're welcome.

I literally belly laugh (and snort) every single time I look at this photo of me taken July 1990 at my first New Kids on the Block concert at Blossom Music Center.

Let's reflect:
- This image is the epitome of an awkward chubby preteen. 
- The camera angle isn't exactly helping differentiate my chin from my neck.
- I'm a new ten-year-old and think that my double digit status makes me cool.
- Accessories for days - the hat, giant binoculars, NKOTB buttons, over-sized glasses and stonewashed denim jacket.
- I'm flashing a peace sign. I'm flashing a peace sign.
- My friend busting a move behind me? That's Erin, I'm now the godmother of her first born child.
- This photo was taken only a week or so after the first awkward NKOTB related image I've shared on the plum back in 2008.

(Still laughing)

Happy Wednesday, kids.