Awkward Personified

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

With my mom's recent move the opportunity for going through old photographs from my youth presented itself quite frequently. 

There were many gems worth sharing. But one - one amazing snapshot - frozen in time, rose to the top of the pile of printed awesomeness. 

You're welcome.

I literally belly laugh (and snort) every single time I look at this photo of me taken July 1990 at my first New Kids on the Block concert at Blossom Music Center.

Let's reflect:
- This image is the epitome of an awkward chubby preteen. 
- The camera angle isn't exactly helping differentiate my chin from my neck.
- I'm a new ten-year-old and think that my double digit status makes me cool.
- Accessories for days - the hat, giant binoculars, NKOTB buttons, over-sized glasses and stonewashed denim jacket.
- I'm flashing a peace sign. I'm flashing a peace sign.
- My friend busting a move behind me? That's Erin, I'm now the godmother of her first born child.
- This photo was taken only a week or so after the first awkward NKOTB related image I've shared on the plum back in 2008.

(Still laughing)

Happy Wednesday, kids.


  1. Those are some big fuckin buttons.

  2. Thank you for making me lol - I needed it bad today! And you are not alone - we all have these gems lurking in our mother's houses...

  3. I would like this in an 8x10 glossy framed at my home.
    Please and thank you :)

  4. I. can't. even. . . breathe. . . ;) I would not have recognized you! I shared the awesome school picture on Facebook my aunt found from 5th grade. And apparently we saw New Kids on Block on the same tour back in 1990. haha!!

  5. Those big buttons make me so happy.

  6. This is my favorite thing ever. Also I still have my giant Jordan Knight pin. NKOTB FOREVER.

  7. Hilarious! This also makes me want to dig up old photos from my mom's house... I know there are many embarrassing ones!

  8. This is amazing! I totally have similar awkward NKTOB photos. I also think I wore that hat in my 5th grade yearbook photo.

  9. That photo is brilliant. Says so much about you, even if it was only a snapshot in time. =D

  10. Haha I grew up with Erin! I remember her and all the girls would show up at Mason elementary with all this NKOTB gear and think they were so cool at recess. I died when i saw this!

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