A plumtastic bridal shower + CMA + CLE Food

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Congrats to Juls @TribeChic, who was chosen via random.org, for winning a pair of tickets to the United Way of Greater Cleveland's Rock the CATWALK event May 1 at Cleveland Museum of Art. Sad you didn't win? Ticket are still available online for purchase.

This past weekend was a whirlwind of fun, family and omg-I'm-getting-married-in-like-a-month-moments.

It was awesome.

CK's Dad and step-mom came in from STL on Friday and we got to spend some quality time with them including dinner at AMP 150, brunch at Jack Flaps in OHC and a leisurely Saturday at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

While everyone was enjoying delicious food from AMP 150 and Jack Flaps... I was wrapping up my three-day delicious juice cleanse from Garden of Flavor. Luckily by the time Saturday's lunch at Provenance came around I could enjoy their chicken waldorf salad.

Any day at the CMA is a good day, but one that involves sharing the museum that you love with people experiencing it for the first time is the best. Check out the Kramer's taking in a modern art gallery, gallery one, the Van Gogh Repetitions exhibit and the kiddo mimicking a statue in the atrium. 

After the museum I left the Kramer's in Cleveland and headed down to Canton. My sissy was in town from NYC and my dear friend Dorrie was in town from Grosse Point, Michigan - all to help me celebrate at my bridal shower, how fun!

Dorrie and I at the The Crush House at Gervasi Vineyard for dinner, wine and "cheering" on our alma mater University of Dayton + upon Dorrie's arrival at my Mom's townhouse we had to pop some bubbles + Late night "snacks" from Marcia post Crush House

Sunday was MY bridal shower, which just seems crazy to type. I've been to many wonderful bridal showers in my life but I can honestly say that being the guest of honor was surreal. It's a combination of overwhelming gratitude and sheer freaking out all over the place.

If the level of my manic/sappiness was max at my shower (which it was) I'm going to need an actual tranquilizer on my wedding day. 

I'm just so happy and grateful for all of my loved ones who were willing to throw me a shower and join in the celebrate. I can't even handle how lucky I feel, it's humbling.

The party happened at Glenmoor Country Club in Canton, Ohio and my hostesses and sissy did so much to help make the day special for me and my guests, it was wonderful.

Who needs orange juice when you can just have the bubbles? Cheers! + Marriage advice cards + "The Future Mrs. Alexa Kramer" place card that my Sissy handmade and sewed because she's an amazing human being + Katie, Sara and Sissy + Dorrie, Steph, me, Mary, Foxx and Muffin

My favorite Theas (Aunts) Joanna and Eros + Me and my Yiayia (Grandma) Lambo who is the coolest lady I know + Criseyda, Graceyn, the kiddo and Cathi + Erin and I

Talk about a photo-op I couldn't pass up, my hostesses rockin' part of their thank you gifts... a Cleveland's a Plum t-shirt from C.L.E. Clothing Co. of course! Suzanne, Cruseyda, Cathi, Marcia, Thea Eros, me, Thea Joanna, Thea Susie and my Nouna (Godmother) Francine +  Nouna, Thea Susie, Thea Eros, Sissy, Yiayia and my Mom, a.k.a. my gorgeous family

The party was fabulous and the gifts were beyond generous - even though they were a giant tease because I can't start using them yet due to my living situation (whomp). I keep telling myself that unpacking those gifts (and my whole storage unit) will make moving into our new house (wherever it may be) that much more worthwhile. Honestly though, when there's this much positive fun going on I don't mind my living situation. 

CK and I are very blessed.

So, spoiler alert, my bachelorette party is this weekend in New York... WATCH OUT. I'm sure there will be a very similar post to this recapping the events next week but perhaps not as wholesome, ha.

Happy Thursday, kids!


  1. You're a very lucky girl. Enjoy the next month to it's fullest, Alexa - you deserve every moment!!

  2. Enjoy these last weeks as a bride-to-be - it's a whirlwind for sure!

  3. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time at your shower! I agree, it's so humbling to see people come together to celebrate you, but remember you have such wonderful friends only because you are a wonderful friend!

  4. ahhh the goji pineapple - so deliciously good. I hope you live tweet your bachelorette party!

  5. SO happy for you, lady! And totally share your sentiments - my bridal shower was definitely one of the best parts of the entire wedding experience. Enjoy every minute of the final planning!

  6. eeeee YOUR bridal shower! that is so exciting friend, can't believe your wedding is so soon! Also, LOVE everyone wearing the Cleveland shirts, so awesome.

  7. Looks like a fabulous shower! Which of the juices do you recommend? I want to try some.

  8. I absolutely agree that it's overwhelming and surreal to be surrounded by YOUR people. But, given how many updates you've given on the Plum about OTHER people, I have no doubt, your loved ones went out of their way to make sure you felt special this weekend.

  9. love the plum shirts at your shower, so awesome!! what an amazing experience, soak it all in and just remember you deserve it!

  10. So fun!! I skipped the bridal shower and now I'm thinking I shouldn't have, haha. How are you holding up?? 1.5 weeks to go right? YAY!

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