#HylandLife, wedding tasks and taxes

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

For the first time in eight years I'm filing my taxes as someone working and living outside of  the city of Cleveland - this is weird to me.  But while I plan on working for Hyland Software in Westlake for many years to come, here's to hoping I'll be going back to living in Cleveland proper very soon. 

Doing taxes while living and working in different cities confuses me... who exactly is RITA again? Thank god for my accountant.

But that's not the point of this post.

I'd like to go on record and say that I'm enjoying my social time in Westlake and am happy to report that gems like the Whistlestop and Dover Gardens are fabulous options to explore.

Friday night Hyland hosted their 10th annual Texas Hold 'em Tourney, so a group of friends/coworkers naturally headed to the Whistlestop to prepare. Many of us didn't play the main hold 'em event but instead ate a lot of delicious food and competed in the side casino games. It was CK's first Hyland outing and I'd like to say it was a success. I mean, how could you not love Hylanders?

Alana waving to her fans + The roulette table that took all of my "money" + Players getting ready to start the tournament

Colleen, Alana and I at Dover Gardens + CK bringing down the karaoke house + Alana and I laughing at CK + I don't even know what's going on in this picture....

Friday night was AWESOME. So many laughs.

Saturday CK and I had a wonderful lunch at Deagan's Kitchen & Bar and knocked out a good handful of our wedding to-do list, e.g., his wedding band and a bling-tastic special flower girl gift for the kiddo from Kleinhenz Jewelers.

I'd say it feels great to get wedding stuff completed, if only the list of things we still have to do was getting smaller...

All in all it was a wonderful weekend filled with fun and productivity, which (in my humble opinion) is the way all weekends should be.

Happy Tuesday, kids!

p.s. I'm getting married two months from yesterday, YAY!


  1. TWO MONTHS FROM YESTERDAY!!! It will be here in a blink. Glad you're enjoying it!

  2. two months!! so very exciting. wishing you a moments free of stress throughout the next couple of months and of course nothing but happiness for you + CK in the years to come! xoxo!

  3. I saw my friend Joe the day after the Hyland event - sounded like a great time (and looks like a lot of fun from the photos). He was happy he made it to the final 9.

    Those two months will fly - sending happy (and stressfree) thoughts your way!

  4. The more I read/hear about Hyland, the more I want to come work there.

  5. 2 months! Enjoy the craziness. It's all worth it!

  6. Crazy how quickly the wedding comes up on you, isn't it? Super exciting, though, too!

  7. i had a similar tax in my old residence to rita. i had to pay it in addition to where i worked, even though my work city tax was higher! (in Akron, whichever is higher you pay, you do not pay both!). I owed that city for years for that! ohhh, what a fun work event!

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