#KramerPickedAPlum, the bachelorette party

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oh hey there, friends.

I'm here to talk about the most amazing bachelorette party I've ever attended.... MINE! 

Granted it happened nearly a month ago, but it was just so epic my fingers couldn't even begin to type out the recap for fear of not doing it justice. So instead of over-thinking it I'm going to share photos of the wonderful weekend (with my wonderful friends) that was.

My maid of honor (and sissy) planned the most amazing getaway for my friends and I to travel to Lake Keuka in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. 

Sissy knows how to plan (and throw) a party. When she sent me the itinerary (which was perfectly branded mind you) I was FLOORED. She listened to how I wanted to spend the weekend and made it happen - LIKE MAGIC. There was a gorgeous lake house, a cocktail party, plenty of bubbles, a Cadillac Escalade limo to drive us from vineyard to vineyard and a personal chef. 

She also coined the wedding hashtag: #KramerPickedAPlum. Yeah, I'll keep it.

Now for the (PG rated) photos.

Road trip!! Major thanks to Seanski for driving myself, Steph, Carla, Katie and Heather safely to the Finger Lakes. I mean, we only got one speeding ticket....

CHEERS! I mean.... sissy made a friggin' logo for the bachelorette party... and #KramerPickedAPlum was born.

Merchandising for the win: branded foam fingers in the Finger Lakes - genius. + Seanski on our house's dock... if only it was warmer! + Me and my foam finger with a giant barrel of wine at our first vineyard stop on Saturday, Pleasant Valley Wine Company.

Once everyone arrived on Friday we got ready and headed to the evening cocktail party at Snug Harbor. We ate, we drank, we played with foam fingers and dominated our make-your-own sundae bar. Sissy is the best.

We kicked off Saturday by being picked up in our stretch Escalade, hysterical... Here's MOB, Muffin, Steph, Beaver, Foxx and Seanski ready to board + our chariot + sissy, me and Carla + the whole gang of wonderful friends who helped me celebrate my bachelorette

Stop two: Heron Hill Winery, which we loved so much we did not one but two tasting flights. + the gang and our buddy keo + Jen, Muffin, Steph and Seanski + my friends + me and a random lady who shared her snacks with me + Seanski in Muffin's cat mits + me, Heather and Katie

After a lunch (and wine) stop at Bully Hill Vineyards we completed our Finger Lakes winery tour at Dr. Konstantine Frank Cellars - both awesome stops. + Hands in, obvy.

Personal chef? CHECK. So this was a first for me and such a treat. Exactly what we needed post multiple vineyard stops, sustenance. Chef Brian was the best as was the bananas foster... yummo.

We had such a nice time, laughed our butts off at our own personal Kerri Strug (Beaver) and all decided we want to go back to the Finger Lakes when it's warm. Such an easy drive from the Cleveland area.

I can't thank all my friends enough who traveled not only from Northeast Ohio but also STL (love you Sara) and Pittsburgh (my Teen) for helping me celebrate. You guys mean the world to me!

Just think... CK and I are getting married in just over a week. We're ready!

Happy Thursday, kids!


  1. Looks like the perfect weekend celebration! I need a trip to the Finger Lakes this summer.

  2. Wow - so fun, and such a beautiful place!
    Your sis planned this perfectly!

  3. Fun fun fun!! And even more fun than you could ever imagine coming up...soon!

  4. This is absolutely amazing and I hope I can replicate some of the winery fun you girls had for my friend in three weeks for hers. Cheers!!!!

  5. i love these photos -- so awesome!! and the foam fingers, clutch. what an amazing sis & group of friends! xoxo.

  6. can i hire your sister to plan my next bachelorette party?? (kidding) but seriously - looks like the best time!!! t-minus 9 days!

  7. What a fabulous weekend - seems like every detail was attended to and y'all had a fabulous time. Cannot believe your wedding is so soon. Enjoy this time, friend!

  8. this seriously looks so awesome and so much fun! love the champagne labels and the cute little touches. so excited for you lady, can't believe the wedding is so soon! xo

  9. Wow - what a fun weekend!! Your sister is an amazing planner and I love the hash tag and logo :)

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