Father's Day: looking to the future

Sunday, June 15, 2014

In honor of Father's Day, and my Facebook feed becoming filled with profile pictures where my beautiful friends are being walked down the aisle by their Dad, I'm going to share how I chose to remember my father on my wedding day.

The following was a letter I wrote to my Dad that was included in our wedding ceremony program.


So I'm getting married today and I'm super sad you're not here. In fact my heart aches that you're not and I'm already anticipating tears as Mom walks me down the aisle, but I digress.

In 1988 you made a generous donation of new church bells to our beautiful church, St. Haralambos, in memory of your father, James Marinos. I tucked that fact away for many years, knowing that if I was ever lucky enough to marry, the ceremony would  be held in the church I grew up in and I would ring the heck out of those bells.

While you physically can't be here right now, you are ever present in my life. Today we ring these bells in honor of you. We ring them in celebration. We ring them to acknowledge our beautiful family who has done nothing but support Nicolette and I, while always keeping your memory alive.

I've been sentimental throughout the entire wedding planning process, wishing you could have had the chance to meet my future husband. Know this, Chris Kramer is a wonderful man, he's smart, he's smashingly good looking, has sweet dance moves, is a wonderful father, but most importantly treats your little girl like a queen. I'm the happiest I've ever been and Chris is a big part of that.

I can only hope you're looking down on me today with a smile of satisfaction, knowing your kid did alright for herself.

All of my love, 


As I honored my father with words, I was beyond blessed to be able to have my beautiful Mother give me away on my wedding day - and we only ended up crying a little bit, success! 

But for the first time in many years I have a new father to celebrate today, my husband, CK.

I mean look at him....

During the "grand finale" of their father-daughter dance.

Best. Dad. Ever.

I love that Suzuran Photography was able to catch precious moments like these from our wedding - be sure to check out more from our day over on her blog.

Thanks to CK, today isn't as solemn as it has been in the past - he's my new favorite Father to honor and celebrate.

Hug the men in your life today, kids.


  1. alexa, this is beautiful. what an amazingly awesome way to have your dad apart of your special day.

  2. What a beautiful tribute! I relate closely to your words, as this is my first Father's Day with a new focus. I still thought about and missed my dad, but it was a nice change of pace to celebrate with my husband and son.

    Your wedding photos are incredible. The best I recall seeing recently. Congratulations!

  3. I read this in the car yesterday on the way to my parent's house to celebrate fathers day and cried like a baby. This is so beautiful.

  4. i think you should have given the "kleenex needed" disclaimer on this one! a very heart felt tribute to your dad, and a happy ending, I loved it!

  5. well this is the sweetest thing ever. absolutely love the letter & the picture and everything about this post alexa xoxo

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