#MIXatCMA + Provenance + Canton Greek Fest

Thursday, June 12, 2014

This past weekend was a perfect combination of "adult time" and "family time."

I got to have a fancy dinner with friends but also spend lots of quality time with the kiddo and my big fat Greek family in Canton. See, it can be done!

Friday I had the opportunity to attend my favorite monthly event in Cleveland: Mix at CMA. This time though, via my continued partnership with the Cleveland Museum of art (see: fun + more fun), I was able to enjoy dinner at Provenance.

This month there was a Provenance pop-up event tied into MIX at CMA where an additional restaurant was set up in the museum's atrium - tres chic! 

While my group opted to dine in Provenance proper, it was such a wonderful view to look into the atrium and see all the wonderful guest dining and cocktailing. 

Speaking of cocktailing.... this is my new favorite.

Provenance's Thyme & Ginger: Stolichnaya Vodka, thyme, ginger, lime juice and rocks. Delicious and pretty.

I've always loved the design elements at Provenance, especially when paired with some bubbles. + Summer salad: green city growers bibb, pickled strawberry, cucumber ribbons, cashews, rhubarb vinaigrette. + Heirloom tomato carpaccio: shaved crouton, watercress, parmesan, citrus vinaigrette + Lamb loin: roasted garlic-herb polenta, haricot vert, pink peppercorn jus.

Everything my dinner companions and I had was delicious!!! We unfortunately didn't get to spend much time in the actual at MIX part of the evening due to some kitchen timing issues, but the place was slammed inside and at the pop-up so we just cocktailed a bit more to make up for it. No loss there.

I highly recommend planning a trip to one of my favorite places in the world, The Cleveland Museum of Art, and enjoying brunch, lunch or dinner at Provenance. You won't be disappointed.

Post Provenance/CMA a group of us headed to Market Avenue Wine Bar in Ohio City. Port was enjoyed (Right Nadine?!?) and we were all impressed by their new backroom window addition. It's fantastic and really opens the place up - check it out.

The second half of the weekend involved quality time with the kiddo shopping, getting pedicures and volunteering at the Canton Greek Fest

For years and years and years (see: '08 saganaki flashback post) my family has chaired the saganaki (flaming cheese) booth at our church's festival and this year was no different. 

The volunteer pool is officially growing, the kiddo is branded and ready to sell some saganaki - she was a HUGE help! + My cousin Anthony and my new cousin, his son, Nicholas. I mean, look at the face on that kid, I want to eat him up.

Confession: I ate so much flaming cheese I almost got sick. This is what happens when you only get it once a year, you binge. I just can't control myself around the stuff - it's just so good.

Great weekend, great friends, great family.

Happy Thursday, kids! Just think, our next weekend is right around the corner!


  1. Ummmm............what is flaming cheese?? This sounds too delicious to not ask.

    1. A piece of delicious greek cheese dredged in egg and flour then fried in a pan with butter till melty and crispy, then you pour 151 over it, light on fire and cover with lemon. It's fantastic!

  2. Sweeeeet! We made the mighty Plum!

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  4. oh man the Thyme & Ginger sounds/looks divine. Mix would be so much more fun not working them. lol

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