Going out in Tremont is Tasty

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Aside from a SOLO OC stop, I spent the majority of this past weekend in Tremont and it was fantastic. 
Let's start with our Saturday trip to Platform Beer Co. which can be described in two words: simply fantastic. There's a great urban feel, bar games, open air and a rotation of food trucks and local restaurants providing sustenance.

What's ironic about my calling a beer only bar fantastic is that, gulp, I don't like beer. Well, let's say I used to not like beer... I'm at the point where I can publicly acknowledge that fruity ones are growing on me. Think summer shandy, think raspberry, think cherry. 

Fact: this wine, bubbles and bourbon only gal has probably had more beer in the last three months than I've had in the last ten years.

Platform Beer Co. logo/mural + Taps upon taps and beers upon beers + Hotz's Cafe in Tremont women's bathroom accessories.... lotion, hairspray, mints and panty liners + Super Driggs + Super Ahmed

Sunday brought one of my favorite days of the summer: Taste of Tremont. The 12th annual event always makes for an awesome Sunday Funday. Thanks to our friend DBLB we had a swanky Tremont townhouse to pre-party with mimosas, music and meat and cheese from the West Side Market

I'm pretty sure we didn't technically venture to ToT until 5pm when we finally made our way to the Treehouse to see The Boys From County Hell. The Treehouse patio was the place to be - friends were everywhere!

It's my blog so I suppose I'm allowed to share a quad of "me and my friends" pics on the Treehouse patio, right? Husband and wife + Plum and Muffin 4eva + Me and Renee being fab outside of work (we sit next to each other at the office) + Me and my long lost favorite Greek blogger friend Cleveland Frowns

The patio scene at Treehouse + The patio scene at DBLB's + AJP, CK and Muffin

Please don't ever end, summer, I'm having WAY TOO MUCH FUN. This really is CLE.

Happy Thursday, kids.

New York City is my favorite apple

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Two weekends in a row of travel (to Saugatuck, MI and NYC) plus a jam packed CLE weekend makes for one tired blogger. No complaints from me though because my summer has literally been overflowing with fun.

Case in point, my trip with CK to NYC to see Beyonce/Jay Z, Phish and my favorite sissy.

The beginning...scenes from my Thursday night flight to LGA. Could I possibly fit anymore brands in this photo?

Upon our arrival in NYC we went straight to sissy and Jason's where we were greeted with delicious thai food. Friday morning brought brunch at Community Food & Juice and exploring one of my favorite spots near my sissy's The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. This visit we got to take in the Phoenix: Xu Bing art exhibition.

It was right around the time that we were walking out of the cathedral when the news hit that LeBron was coming back to the Cavs - I kinda lost it right there on the streets of NYC - I still may be in shock. That being said, Jesse had planned ahead packing his LeBron jersey and as we pre-gamed at McSorley's Old Ale House the Gannons and Kramers celebrated accordingly with "light" and "dark."

A sawdust (from the floor of McSorley's) toss is very similar to a baby powder (a la LeBron) toss. + On the Run Tour at MetLife Stadium + Train ride roadies which didn't exactly jive with the fabulous dinner and cocktails on the Narcissa terrace in the East Village Standard that we had just finished - whatevs, YOLO.

My two cents re: On The Run Tour. I've seen Jay Z in concert five times now so I basically knew what to expect. However, this was my first time seeing Beyonce and holy moly she was more fierce than I could have ever expected. I pretty much stood there in awe watching Queen Bey dominate the stage. All of the Jay Z + Beyonce combo performances were highlights for me, especially Crazy in Love (obvy), Drunk in Love (obvy) and when Bey sang Justin Timberlake's part of Holy Grail - hot damn! 

If one concert in NYC wasn't enough, on Saturday CK and I headed to see our boys Phish at Randalls Island. The show set-up exuded a great festival vibe as we caught the middle show of a three show run.

"Club Phish" at night, full moon and all + First Tube encore + Stack Wine on ice, so me, SO ME.

Forever and always NYC will be my favorite city (outside of CLE). I'm so lucky that my sissy lives there (and has a second bedroom) so I'm enabled to visit multiple times a year. GOOD TIMES.

Till next time, New York.

Happy Wednesday, kids.

Garden of Flavor: pure joy juice

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In the two months since the wedding I've been a human garbage disposal. If there's a carb, sweet or chip within five feet of me I'll eat it. 

My only saving grace as to why I've gained 6 lbs in two months versus 16 lbs is that I'm still working out. 

This whole "summer of party-time" fun is definitely going to maintain its course, but I'm going to do it smarter.

It's time for a reset. 

Hello, old friend.

Garden of Flavor has been my go-to juice cleanse for quite sometime now. It tastes fabulous, doesn't cost a fortune compared to other juice cleanses, is a locally produced product that I can pick it up at Heinen's and when is all said and done just makes me feel good.

Fact: my whole wedding party (mom, sissy and Cathi) juice cleansed with Garden of Flavor in preparation for my big day. If there's a special occasion you're preparing for I can't recommend a day (or two or three) with Garden of Flavor enough - it's fantastic.

For me it's more than just event prep, it's also great reboot to get your diet back on track.

Perhaps post long 4th of July weekend? Yep, now we're talking!

Have a good (healthy) week, kids.

Birthdays + DMB + Dancing

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Guys, it's my 34th birthday today!

Considering that there has been plenty of hullabaloo this year thanks to our wedding festivities, there's no need for a crazy birthday celebration. Instead, I'll spend the day doing things I love, like eating sushi, spinning and packing my bags for a long holiday weekend in Michigan. Life is good.

I'm sure we'll reconvene the birthday love next year for the big 3-5 - yikes!

I'm still on a high from last weekend. It was a fantastic one filled with dear friends, dancing and the Dave Matthews Band.

For those of you that don't know this about me, I'm kind of crazy for Dave. I've seen him countless times over our 20 year love affair but never as up close and personal as I experienced at Blossom this past Friday. Thanks to CK, my wedding present was a pair of pit tickets - it was unbelievable and I may have teared-up once or twice.

Hey, DMB, hey!

A drive to the eastside to visit with our friends Jen and Stephen provided an opportunity for a rare stoplight sunglasses selfie with the husband.

After our venture east we headed back to the westside for some fun at the Driggs' abode (their new rooftop patio is amazing!) and old school hip hop night at Touch Supper Club.  The boys jammin' + me being the senorita emoji... get it?!? + AJP and Fresh Becky

Good friends, good times. Man, I love this city.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend! See ya on the flip side!