Garden of Flavor: pure joy juice

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In the two months since the wedding I've been a human garbage disposal. If there's a carb, sweet or chip within five feet of me I'll eat it. 

My only saving grace as to why I've gained 6 lbs in two months versus 16 lbs is that I'm still working out. 

This whole "summer of party-time" fun is definitely going to maintain its course, but I'm going to do it smarter.

It's time for a reset. 

Hello, old friend.

Garden of Flavor has been my go-to juice cleanse for quite sometime now. It tastes fabulous, doesn't cost a fortune compared to other juice cleanses, is a locally produced product that I can pick it up at Heinen's and when is all said and done just makes me feel good.

Fact: my whole wedding party (mom, sissy and Cathi) juice cleansed with Garden of Flavor in preparation for my big day. If there's a special occasion you're preparing for I can't recommend a day (or two or three) with Garden of Flavor enough - it's fantastic.

For me it's more than just event prep, it's also great reboot to get your diet back on track.

Perhaps post long 4th of July weekend? Yep, now we're talking!

Have a good (healthy) week, kids.


  1. Yummy! How much does the 1 day cleanse usually cost?


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