New house: an update

Monday, September 15, 2014

Never did I think that when my Detroit-Shoreway townhouse sold and I moved into CK's apartment in Brooklyn that I would be sitting in the same aforementioned apartment typing this blog post almost a year later.

I haven't talked much about the struggle that CK and I have had finding a house on this blog because, quite frankly, it's been too painful, stressful and miserable.

I didn't realize how much the idea of moving to the south suburbs would affect me. I can be honest and say I wanted nothing to do with it. I want to stay in Cleveland proper, close to the lake, close to my friends, closer to the life that I've made for myself the past eight years in this fantastic city I call home. Not the 'burbs, ugh.

But when I met (and married) CK I was, by proxy, agreeing to move closer to where my step-daughter's mom decided to buy a house and where the kiddo goes to school.

I agreed kicking and screaming though.

I'm self aware enough to say that I'm still kicking and screaming about this proposed move even though we're under contract on a house I'm lukewarm on.

I know I'll grow to love our new home because my family will be there, but I can't help but feel like I'm losing my Cleveland identity because of decisions that weren't my own.

Are these feelings selfish? Perhaps, probably. But it doesn't mean they aren't real, that they aren't mine.

I'm a recovering control freak, I was a single business woman until I was 30. I made my own decisions and did what I wanted to. Now I'm a wife, who can generally still do what she wants to, except for that whole buy a home in my preferred community thing.

It's time to get over it. 

The outlook isn't promising for me to live where I'd prefer, but I suppose that's okay because I have my family. They are the ones who are going to get me through this transition. I'm doing it for them, not for me. I'm going to adjust to my new commute, to the south suburbs, to the new house we're buying.

I'm going to look to our promising future and things like getting my belongings out of storage, moving into a house instead of a 700 square foot apartment and FINALLY being able to entertain again. I can't wait.

So, to Independence we go. As far as locations between Westlake (where I work) and Fairlawn (where the kiddo goes to school) we couldn't have a better compromise. It's a fantastic community that I'm excited to be a part of and I can still be in Downtown Cleveland in 10 minutes - BOOM!

This blog has always been my little slice of the internet, a place that I can be me. I tend to blog less when I'm down in the dumps, as I try to keep this place as positive as possible, so hopefully once the chains of apartment living are off I'll feel the urge to write more.

One can only hope.

So here's to new beginnings and walking up and down these 105-year-old backdoor stairs thousands of times in good health and happiness.


  1. So, I can't speak to the sense of loss of place over moving out of CLE. But I can tell you that my office-mate lives in Independence and that is one nice community. Yes, it's missing an urban feel but from what he tells me the amenities are huge (cheap rec center/pool! Fantastic city services! Very tight-knit and helpful community!). Seriously, some of the things he tells me about are unreal - like when he rented a party tent from the city for $100 including set up and tear down. So I guess I'm saying - huge party at the Plum after you move it :)

    Good luck - you'll make it yours once you get settled. And with an old house, get to know cleveland restoration society...they are the best resource for all things old houses.

  2. Leaving the city was tough on Josh and me too, but Josh in particular. "Kicking and screaming" isn't strong enough term to describe how he flet about it. But now we are so happy, we've found a way both toa dapt ourselves to our new area and how to adapt our new house and town to us. I really hope you have a similar transformation. Josh is so in love with our town now, I'll be hard pressed to relocate him again <3

  3. You are moving to a fabulous community. Someday the heart pangs for the "old" place will not be a strong. I hated leaving Lakewood to move to not as nice as Independence (Parma) but my hubs already had a home there he couldn't unload unless we gave it away. So I spend mucho $$$ putting more and more lipstick on the pig! I enjoy having a yard, don't enjoy my neighbors but today I'm working at home as NEW WINDOWS are being installed and I think I caught myself stroking the new trim and pressing my head against the new, clean, no condensation filled glass! Making your place your own will help with the loss of your home. And if you decide to have a child(ren) the Independence school system is great. Oh, and I can recommend Romito's for pizza while your unpacking boxes!

  4. Alexa - your observation that just because you "shouldn't" feel something doesn't mean feelings are any less real or yours, if beautiful. I'm so grateful and blessed for all of the circumstances surrounding our move from CLE to Nashville, but the feelings of loss and anxiety are there. No matter how much I know how exciting this is and what a fun time in our lives this is, I'm still scared and worried and that should be okay. I always appreciate your candidness and very much empathize with not wanting to post when you're not feeling all sunshine and rainbows. -Katie O.

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