Vegas + Moving + NYC

Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's Wednesday night as I type this, I'm sitting on my favorite old couch that's fresh out of being in storage for the past year. I'm also drinking a nice red blend out of my gorgeous new wine glasses, fresh out being in my Mom's garage since my wedding shower in March

I cooked a homemade dinner for my family on my new stove, in my new house and I didn't even care that my kitchen is still in semi-disarray.

YOU GUYS, I'm happy.

Now, let it be known there is still a TON of work to do.... decorating, painting, etc., but man oh man we are making progress, I see a light at the end of the tunnel and it's exciting.

So, where have I been these past few weeks that have caused me to slack in the blogging realm? Well, I've been to Florida, Las Vegas, London and NYC. All while trying to organize and execute a move. No big deal. Actually, saying I've been "busy" would be a gross understatement and I'm excited to get back to my routine.

But let's take a brief moment to reflect on where I've been and believe me when I tell you these a mere fraction of the photos I've captured over the last month.

What happens when nine of your best girlfriends from college (University of Dayton) gather from across the country in Vegas to see Britney Spears? A WHOLE LOT OF FUN and a fantastic hashtag: #HitMeDaytonOneMoreTime. From The Chandelier, House of Blues Foundation Room and sushi at Koi Las Vegas we laughed the entire time.

I was extremely skeptical to see Britney: Pieces of Me in Vegas but she delivered a super entertaining, energetic and sing-a-long worth show that we all really enjoyed. Good times!

Cabana life at Mandalay Bay + Valentino Rockstud failure after dancing the night away at Hakkasan + Being serenaded at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. which is a fantastic dining experience that I highly recommend

In between Vegas and the above boxes on boxes on boxes I traveled to London for work, but the trip was only a three night stay and with not a ton of sightseeing opportunities the pics were slim - I was there though, I'll show you my passport stamp if you'd like, ha ha.

Three days after our move CK and I hopped on a plane to NYC to help celebrate (and surprise) a very important person, my cousin Cathi! Surprise - all of your family is in NYC - Happy 50th Birthday!! David Burke Kitchen in The James Hotel in SoHo was our venue and the private room with balcony was the perfect setting.

Before Cathi's party we got to spend some time with our cousins Scott and Davida from Toronto who also just so happened to be visiting NYC, so we hung out in Harlem near my Sissy's. Being a family friendly trip, we also enjoyed Frrrozen Hot Chocolates at Serendipity 3 and a trip to Dylan's Candy Bar.

Our NYC trip also included bowling at Frames with inappropriate bowling names like "E-BOWL-A" + a stop at Eataly and Birreria + video games and walking around the grounds of my favorite church in NYC

Guys, it has been a whirlwind of fun and I am so excited that this month happened - I'm also excited for everything to slow down for a bit.

Nesting, cooking, watching football, going to movies and snuggling with CK are calling my name this fall.

Happy Thursday, kids.


  1. Girl, I love your life. So much cool stuff going on! So happy for you & the fam in the new house. Now go relax & nest & get back into your routine & get that new place all set up!

  2. I think you win for busiest month ever. Also, the most fun and exciting. Hurray for Vegas and the new house and huzzah for finally getting to crack into wedding things and your packed up stuff, woo.

  3. LOL I love the hashtag you had for Britney and Vegas.

  4. best statement ever "you guys, I'm happy" that is awesome!! and um....britney? that is pretty sweet!!!

  5. You're soooooo busy, impressive! I love NYC and their dog signs. I'll always remember the sign for a dog park in Washington Square that says "No bitches in heat." I always got a giggle whenever I saw it!

  6. Hello!! I'm having trouble with comments so I hope this one actually goes through! You may end up with two variations of the same thing like I did to Nilsa! Anyway, I'm back and so excited to get caught back up with you! Congrats on the move and all the excitement!

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