A nice Cleveland-centric weekend in February

Friday, February 13, 2015

People tend to get down in the dumps during Cleveland winters, and while I can wholeheartedly get on the "it's-not-as-fun-as-summer" train, winter doesn't mean we need to sit at home wrapped in blankets waiting for the first sign of spring.

Take this past weekend for example. My sissy was visiting from NYC, my cousin Jenna was visiting from Columbus and we didn't let the cold weather slow us down as we hopped from Cleveland hotspot to Cleveland hotspot.

First stop Friday: MIX at CMA: Soul. This Cleveland Museum of Art monthly event is always a winner in my book, and this month's Soul theme didn't disappoint. I mean, who doesn't love to boogie to soul music? Love, peace and soul baby!


Next stop Friday: Noodlecat + House of Blues Cleveland for Greensky Bluegrass. Warm ramen and steam bums on a cold winter's day? Clicking your heels to some damn good bluegrass? CHECK. If you're really too cold to go out for ramen though, check out Chef Jonathan Sawyer's Noodle Kids cookbook on sale now!

Greensky Bluegrass + Sissy, the Driggs' + CK

First Stop Saturday: Bon Bon Pastry & Cafe + Campbell's + Penzeys Spices. We've been on a big Bon Bon kick in the Marinos/Kramer family and I don't foresee it stopping anytime soon. Campbell's, duh - it's my kryptonite. And Penzeys? I'm proud to say my spice collection is growing. New favorite? Not surprisingly, THE GREEK! 

Sissy and Jenna during brunch at Bon Bon - aren't they pretty?!?

Next Stop on Saturday: Platform Beer Co. where we sat and drank too many beers to count for too many hours. Well, I didn't drink beer - I drank mead, because we all know how I feel about beer. Luckily I'm in the minority though, because even at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon Platform was bumpin'. It's such a wonderful place and has a good vibe with a friendly staff.

Bopping around Ohio City on a Saturday afternoon will always be one of my favorite pastimes. 

CK, Sissy and Jenna posing with a map of Cleveland's near west side that I admittedly tried to steal. I need one of these.

After successfully achieving a day buzz - my Mom even joined us later in the day - we headed to our house to eat Romito's Pizza and make cookies for a very special church service on Sunday.

Family fun time at it's best.

So, instead of staying in all weekend with a blanket because Lord know it's going to be FREEZING this weekend in Cleveland I recommend layering up and enjoying this fine city we call home.

Have a good one, kids!


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