The one where I catch myself on fire

Monday, March 23, 2015

You guys, this past Thursday evening, while cooking dinner for my family, the string on my favorite zip-up hoodie caught fire.

We can blame the damn power boil feature on my fancy new stove for this one.

The thing is, I didn't even realize the string was on fire until I smelled something burning, looked down, and realized it was me... I WAS ON FIRE.

It started spreading so fast!

I fumbled around trying to pat the flame out, but mid-panic decided to run out the backdoor and strip off my burning clothes - a hoodie, t-shirt and bra - ALL on fire mind you. My hair even singed.

I can only image the show my neighbors got.

The image below shows the three non-living layers that got burned. 

Except there's a fourth layer, my skin, that now has blisters over a very, very sensitive area. Ahem.

Photographic evidence, doh.
Sweet Jesus.

In hindsight, I probably should have just gone to the sink and simply places the damn hoodie string under some water. Way to buckle under pressure, Alexa.

Genius.  A genius with blisters on her boob.

R.I.P. favorite grey hoodie, you'll be missed.


  1. Ooooooh, girl, that's gotta hurt. Ouch! Glad it was only some blisters and not your whole torso! Take care of you.

  2. good grief that is terrifying!! So...all of that stop, drop, and roll business they drilled into us as kids didn't come back as instinct??? glad it wasnt worse!! ouch!!!

  3. Oh, man, this is terrible. Glad you're OK.

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  5. I don't know what I'd do if I love my favorite hoody.... sniff

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