Window Nation: Cleveland windows

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Who says you can't get new windows in winter?

I didn't, and neither did Window Nation.

As CK and I continue to tackle getting our new home organized, we have a pet renovation project in the works that recently had its first item checked off the (very long) task list: new windows courtesy of Window Nation!

So, there's this "carriage house" on our property. But I'm not sure who are we kidding calling it a "carriage house" though, it's really a lofted garage, but because it's over 105-years-old it once housed carriages/horses. There are even trapdoors for hay distribution and the floor is old sandstone.

Truthfully, I'm shocked it's still standing, having not been given the same proper updating and attention that the home has, but we have a soft spot in our hearts for the thing. There's just so much possibility! 

Now that we have new windows from Window Nation, we just need to drywall (or something to that effect), add some flooring, put in a heat source and BOOM - multipurpose room. I'm thinking a music/game/storage space would just be divine.

But back to the windows, in total we had 8 double-hung windows replaced by our friendly Window Nation team. From start to finish - the measuring, picking out the windows and installation - the team was a dream to work with. Super friendly, professional, knowledgeable and FAST. 

Oh my goodness, SO FAST. I swear I blinked and all the windows were installed.

Kenny from Window Nation tearing out our god knows how old windows and prepping for installation.

TA-DA - new windows! Here's CK and I with the Window Nation installation team upon completion.

I sincerely can't thank the Window Nation team enough, such a pleasure to work with. In fact, I'm already thinking about my next project with Window Nation - vinyl siding for the carriage house. Who knows, by the end of this pet project our #HalleysCarriage may end up being cooler than our actual house!

Stay tuned for updates - I have a feeling this "carriage house" renovation is going to be a fun (and long) one.

Happy Tuesday, kids!


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